Ukrainian Coat of Arms


Complete List of Terminology (PDF)



A1 director of manpower, personnel, and services (USAF)

A2 antiaccess

A2 intelligence staff officer (USAF)

A-3 operations directorate (COMAFFOR staff); operations staff officer (USAF)

A4 director of logistics, engineering, and force protection (USAF)

A-5 plans directorate (COMAFFOR staff)

A-6 communications staff officer (USAF)

AA assessment agent; avenue of approach

AA&E arms, ammunition, and explosives

AAA antiaircraft artillery

AAC activity address code

AACG arrival airfield control group

AADC area air defense commander

AADP area air defense plan

AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service

AAFS amphibious assault fuel system

AAG aeronautical assignment group

AAGS Army air-ground system

AAM air-to-air missile

AAMDC Army air and missile defense command

AAP Allied administrative publication

AAR after action report; after action review; air-to-air refueling


AATCC amphibious air traffic control center

AAV amphibious assault vehicle

AB air base

ABCANZ American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand

ABCT armored brigade combat team

ABFC advanced base functional component

ABFDS aerial bulk fuel delivery system

ABI activity-based intelligence

ABLTS amphibious bulk liquid transfer system

ABO air base opening

ABP air battle plan

A/C aircraft

AC Active Component

ACA airspace control authority; airspace coordination area

Shortened Word Forms


ACAMS Army Container Asset Management System

ACC air component commander; area coordination center

ACCE air component coordination element

ACD automated cargo documentation

ACE aviation combat element (USMC)

ACEOI automated communications-electronics operating


ACL allowable cabin load

ACM airspace coordinating measure

ACO administrative contracting officer; airspace control order

ACOS assistant chief of staff

ACP airspace control plan; Allied communications publication

ACS airspace control system

ACSA acquisition and cross-servicing agreement

ACT advance civilian team

ACU assault craft unit

AD air defense; area denial

ADA air defense artillery; Antideficiency Act

A/DACG arrival/departure airfield control group

ADAFCO air defense artillery fire control officer

ADAM air defense airspace management

ADAM/BAE air defense airspace management/brigade aviation element

ADC area damage control

ADCON administrative control

ADCS air defense coordination section

ADM air defense measure

ADOS active duty for operational support

ADP Army doctrine publication; automated data processing

ADR airfield damage repair

ADRP Army doctrine reference publication

ADS air defense sector; authoritative data source

ADUSD(TP) Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense,

Transportation Policy

ADVON advanced echelon

ADWC air defense warning condition

ADZ amphibious defense zone

AE aeromedical evacuation; assault echelon

AECA Arms Export Control Act

AECT aeromedical evacuation control team

AEF air expeditionary force

AELT aeromedical evacuation liaison team

AEODP allied explosive ordnance disposal publication

AEODPS Automated Explosive Ordnance Disposal Publication


AEOT aeromedical evacuation operations team

AESC aeromedical evacuation support cell

Shortened Word Forms


AETF air expeditionary task force

AF Air Force; Air Force (form); amphibious force

AF/A2 Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force for Intelligence,

Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

AF/A3M-CVAM Chief of the United States Air Force Special Air Missions


AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

AFB Air Force base

AFCAP Air Force Contract Augmentation Program

AFCEC Air Force Civil Engineer Center

AFDA Air Force doctrine annex

AFDD Air Force doctrine document

AFE Armed Forces Entertainment

AFFOR Air Force forces

AFH Air Force handbook

AFHSB Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch (DHA)

AFI Air Force instruction

AFIC Five Eyes Air Force Interoperability Council

AFJI Air Force joint instruction

AFLE Air Force liaison element

AFMAN Air Force manual

AFME Armed Forces Medical Examiner

AFMES Armed Forces Medical Examiner System

AFMS Air Force Medical Service

AFNORTH Air Force North

AFNWC Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center

AFOE assault follow-on echelon

AFOSI Air Force Office of Special Investigations

AFOSIMAN Air Force Office of Special Investigations manual

AFPD Air Force policy directive

AFRC Air Force Reserve Command

AFRCC Air Force Rescue Coordination Center

AFRRI Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

AFRTS American Forces Radio and Television Service

AFSB afloat forward staging base; Army field support brigade

AFSMO Air Force Spectrum Management Office

AFSOAE Air Force special operations air element

AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command

AFSOF Air Force special operations forces

AFSPC Air Force Space Command

AFTRANS Air Forces Transportation

AFTTP Air Force tactics, techniques, and procedures

AFTTP(I) Air Force tactics, techniques, and procedures (instruction)

AGILE Advanced Global Intelligence Learning Environment

AGL above ground level

AGO Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

AGS authorized government support; aviation ground support

AGT Automated Global Force Management Tool

AH attack helicopter

AHA alert holding area

AHD antihandling device

AI acquisition instruction; air interdiction

AIDPMO Army Intermodal and Distribution Platform Management


AIP aeronautical information publication

AIRCOR air corridor

AIRSUPREQ air support request

AIS automated information system

AIT automatic identification technology

AJA annual joint assessment

AJBPO area joint blood program office

AJD Allied joint doctrine

AJODWG Allied Joint Operations Doctrine Working Group

AJP Allied joint publication

AKRCC Alaska Rescue Coordination Center

ALARA as low as reasonably achievable

ALCF airlift control flight

ALCOM United States Alaskan Command

ALCT airlift control team

ALD available-to-load date

ALEP amphibious lift enhancement program

ALERTORD alert order

ALLOREQ allocation request

ALO air liaison officer

ALOC air line of communications

ALSA Air Land Sea Application (Center)

ALT acquisition, logistics, and technology

ALTRV altitude reservation

AM amplitude modulation

AMC airborne mission coordinator; Air Mobility Command

AMCC allied movement coordination center

AMC/CC Commander, Air Mobility Command

AMCM airborne mine countermeasures

AMC/SGXM Air Mobility Command/Command Surgeon’s Office

AMCT air mobility control team

AMD air and missile defense; air mobility division

AMDC air and missile defense commander

AMedP Allied medical publication

AMETL agency mission-essential task list

AMLO air mobility liaison officer

AMOC Air and Marine Operations Center (DHS)

AMOG air mobility operations group

AMOS air mobility operations squadron

AMOW air mobility operations wing

AMP analysis of mobility platform

AMP-PAT analysis of mobility platform suite of port analysis tools

AMPS Automated Mail Postal System

AMS air mobility squadron

AMS-TAC Automated Manifesting System-Tactical

AMT aerial mail terminal

amu atomic mass unit

AMX air mobility express

ANG Air National Guard

ANGLICO air-naval gunfire liaison company

ANR Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command


ANSI American National Standards Institute

AN/VRC Army Navy vehicle radio communications

ANW2 Adaptive Networking Wideband Waveform

AO action officer; air officer; area of operations

AOA amphibious objective area

AOC air operations center

AOD air operations directive

AODB air operations database

AOF azimuth of fire

AOG Army Operations Group

AOI area of interest

AOR area of responsibility

AOS aircraft on station

AOTR aviation operational threat response

AP antipersonnel

APAN All Partners Access Network

APE airfield pavement evaluation

APF afloat pre-positioning force

APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA)

APL antipersonnel land mine

APO Army post office

APOD aerial port of debarkation

APOE aerial port of embarkation

APS Army pre-positioned stocks

APS-3 Army pre-positioned stocks-3

APTD aircraft attack position target designation

AR air refueling; Army regulation

ARC air Reserve Components; American Red Cross

ARCENT United States Army Central Command

ARDEC United States Army Armament Research, Development,

and Engineering Center

ARFOR Army forces

ARG amphibious ready group

ARM air reference measure

ARNG Army National Guard

ARS acute radiation syndrome

ARSOAD Army special operations aviation detachment

ARSOF Army special operations forces

ARSST Army space support team

ASAT antisatellite

ASBP Armed Services Blood Program

ASBPO Armed Services Blood Program Office

ASC Army Sustainment Command

ASCC Army Service component command; Army Service

component commander

ASCOPE areas, structures, capabilities, organizations, people, and


ASCS air support control section

ASD(GSA) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic


ASD(HA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs)

ASD(HD&ASA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Homeland Defense and

Americas’ Security Affairs)

ASD(HD&GS) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense

and Global Security

ASD(NII) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information


ASD(OEPP) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy

Plans and Programs

ASD(RA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)

ASD(S) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment

ASD(SO/LIC) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low-

Intensity Conflict

ASD(SO/LIC&IC) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations

and Low-Intensity Conflict and Interdependent


ASG Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence

ASIC Air and Space Interoperability Council

ASLT air support liaison team; assault support landing table

ASM air-to-surface missile; Army Spectrum Manager

ASMO Army Spectrum Management Office

ASOC air support operations center

ASOG air support operations group

ASOS air support operations squadron

ASP Allied spectrum publication

ASPR Office of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and

Response (DHHS)

ASW antisubmarine warfare

ASWC antisubmarine warfare commander

AT antiterrorism

ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System

ATB articulated tug barge

ATC air traffic control

ATCM air traffic control measure

ATCS air traffic control section

ATF amphibious task force; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,

Firearms, and Explosives (DOJ)

ATI asset target interaction

ATO air tasking order; antiterrorism officer

ATOC air terminal operations center

ATP Allied tactical publication; Army techniques publication

ATSD(PA) Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public


ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (DHHS)

ATTP Army tactics, techniques, and procedures

AU African Union

AUF airborne use of force

AUSCANNZUKUS Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom,

United States

AV asset visibility

AVC Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance


AVL anti-vehicle land mine

AVS asset validation system

AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System

AWG Asymmetric Warfare Group (USA)

AWNIS Allied Worldwide Navigational Information System

AXO abandoned explosive ordnance


BAE brigade aviation element

BAH basic allowance for housing

BALS berthing and loading schedule

BAS basic allowance for subsistence

bbl barrel (42 US gallons)

BCC battle control center

BCD battlefield coordination detachment (USA)

BCG beach control group

BCL battlefield coordination line

BCOC base cluster operations center

BCT brigade combat team

BD barge derrick

BDA battle damage assessment

BDAREP battle damage assessment report

BDE brigade

BDOC base defense operations center

BDS BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

BEAR base expeditionary airfield resources (USAF); basic

expeditionary airfield resources

BEB brigade engineer battalion

BEI biometrics-enabled intelligence

BEST border enforcement security task force

BEWL biometric-enabled watchlist

BI battlefield illumination; battle injury

BIA behavioral influences analysis

BICES battlefield information collection and exploitation system


BIFS Border Intelligence Fusion Section (DHS)

BIS Bureau of Industry and Security (DOC)

BLCP beach lighterage control point

BLOS beyond line-of-sight

BLT battalion landing team

BM ballistic missile; beach module

BMD ballistic missile defense

BMET biomedical electronics technician

BMU beachmaster unit

BN battalion

BOC bomb on coordinate

BOG beach operations group

BOS base operating support

BOS-I base operating support-integrator

BOT bomb on target

BP battle position

BPA blanket purchase agreement

BPC building partnership capacity

BPG beach party group

BPLAN base plan

BPT beach party team

BSA beach support area

BSB brigade support battalion

BSC behavioral science consultant

BSI base support installation

BSZ base security zone

BT bathythermograph

BTC blood transshipment center

BTU beach termination unit

BTWC Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention

BVR beyond visual range

BZ buffer zone


C Celsius

C2 command and control

C2CRE command and control chemical, biological, radiological,

and nuclear response element

C-2X coalition Intelligence Directorate counterintelligence

and human intelligence staff element

CA civil affairs; combat assessment; coordinating altitude;

credibility assessment

CAA combat aviation advisor; command arrangement


CAAF contractors authorized to accompany the force

CAB commander’s assessment board

CAC common access card

CACOM civil affairs command

CAD Canadian air division

CAF combat air forces; Conflict Assessment Framework


CAG civil affairs group

CAGO contractor-acquired, government-owned

CAIS civil authority information support

CAL critical asset list

CALICS communication, authentication, location, intentions,

condition, and situation

CAMOC Caribbean Air and Marine Operations Center

CAMPS Consolidated Air Mobility Planning System

CANR Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command


CANUS Canada-United States

CAO civil affairs operations; controlled asset operation

CAP Civil Air Patrol; civil assistance plan; civil augmentation

program; combat air patrol

CAPM credibility assessment program manager

CAPT civil affairs planning team

CARVER criticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability,

effect, and recognizability

CAS close air support

CASEVAC casualty evacuation

CAT category; civil affairs team; crisis action team

CATF commander, amphibious task force

CBCP Customs and Border Clearance Program (DOD)

CBEC Contingency Basing Executive Council

CBG coalition building guide

CBIRF Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force

CBMU construction battalion maintenance unit

CBP capabilities-based planning; Customs and Border

Protection (DHS)

CBR chemical, biological, and radiological

CBRN chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear

CBRNE chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield

explosives (USA/NGB/USCG)

CbT combating terrorism

CC component commander; critical capability

CCA Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-controlled activity;

contract construction agent; country container authority

CCAS contingency contract administration services

CCATT critical care air transport team

CCC coalition coordination center

CCD camouflage, concealment, and deception

CCDB consolidated counterdrug database

CCDR combatant commander

CCEB Combined Communications-Electronics Board

CCG combat communications group

CCICA command counterintelligence coordinating authority

CCIF Combatant Commander Initiative Fund

CCIR commander’s critical information requirement

CCLI commerce control list item

CCMD combatant command

CCMF Cyber Combat Mission Force

CCO central control officer; container control officer

CCORB commander’s contract oversight review board

CCP combatant command campaign plan; consolidation

and containerization point

CCS commander’s communication

synchronization; core capability set

CCW 1980 United Nations Convention on Conventional


CD counterdrug; customer direct

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (DHHS)

CDE collateral damage estimation

CDI cargo disposition instructions

CDIO collateral duty intelligence officer

CDIPO counterdrug intelligence preparation for operations

CDM collateral damage methodology

CDO commander, detainee operations

CDRAFNORTH Commander, Air Force North

CDRJSOTF commander, joint special operations task force

CDRNORAD Commander, North American Aerospace Defense Command

CDRSOJTF commander, special operations joint task force

CDRTSOC commander, theater special operations command

CDRUSAFRICOM Commander, United States Africa Command

CDRUSARNORTH Commander, United States Army, North

CDRUSCENTCOM Commander, United States Central Command

CDRUSCYBERCOM Commander, United States Cyber Command

CDRUSELEMNORAD Commander, United States Element, North American

Aerospace Defense Command

CDRUSEUCOM Commander, United States European Command

CDRUSINDOPACOM Commander, United States Indo-Pacific Command

CDRUSNORTHCOM Commander, United States Northern Command

CDRUSSOCOM Commander, United States Special Operations Command

CDRUSSOUTHCOM Commander, United States Southern Command

CDRUSSPACECOM Commander, United States Space Command

CDRUSSTRATCOM Commander, United States Strategic Command

CDRUSTRANSCOM Commander, United States Transportation Command

CDS Chief of Defence Staff (Canada); command disablement

system; container delivery system

C-E communications-electronics

CE circular error; command element (USMC)

CEB combat engineer battalion

CEHC Counter Explosive Hazards Center (USA)

CEMA cyberspace electromagnetic activities (USA)

CEMIRT civil engineer maintenance, inspection, and repair team

CENTRIXS Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange


CEP Chairman’s Exercise Program

CERFP chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield

explosives enhanced response force package

CERP Commanders’ Emergency Response Program

CERT contingency engineering response team

CEW civilian expeditionary workforce

CEWCC combined electronic warfare coordination cell

CEXC combined explosives exploitation cell

CF carrier-furnished; causeway ferry; conventional forces

CFA critical factors analysis

CFB Canadian forces base

CFE-DM Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and

Humanitarian Assistance (USINDOPACOM)

CFL coordinated fire line

CFLCC coalition forces land component commander

CFPM causeway ferry power module

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CFSCC Combined Forces Space Component Command


CFST coalition forces support team

CG Coast Guard; commanding general

CG-652 Coast Guard Spectrum Management and

Telecommunications Policy Division

CGCIS Coast Guard Counterintelligence Service

CGDEFOR Coast Guard defense force

CGICC Coast Guard Intelligence Coordination Center

CGIS United States Coast Guard Investigative Service

CGTTP Coast Guard tactics, techniques, and procedures

CHCSS Chief, Central Security Service

CHD counterintelligence and human intelligence detachment

CHE cargo-handling equipment; container handling equipment

CI counterintelligence

CIA Central Intelligence Agency

CIB Common Interactive Broadcast; controlled image base

CICA counterintelligence coordinating authority

CICR counterintelligence collection requirement

CID combat identification

CIE collaborative information environment; cultural

intelligence element

CIEA classification, identification, and engagement area

C-IED counter-improvised explosive device

C-IEDTF counter-improvised explosive device task force

CI/KR critical infrastructure and key resources

CIL critical information list

CIM civil information management

CIMIC civil-military cooperation

CIO chief information officer

CIOC counterintelligence operations cell

CIOTA counterintelligence operational tasking authority

CIP critical infrastructure protection

CIRT Collaborative Issue Resolution Tool

CISAR catastrophic incident search and rescue

CITE computer intrusion technical exploitation

CITP counter-improvised explosive device targeting program

CIVMAR civil service mariner

CJ-4 combined-joint logistic office

CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff instruction

CJCSM Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff manual

CJE component joint data networks operations officer equivalent

CJEODC combined joint explosive ordnance disposal cell

CJFC combined joint force commander

CJLOTS combined joint logistics over-the-shore

CJOC Canadian Joint Operations Command

CJSART Criminal Justice Sector Assessment Rating Tool

CJSMPT Coalition Joint Spectrum Management Planning Tool

CJSOTF combined joint special operations task force

CJTF combined joint task force (NATO); commander, joint

task force

C-JWICS Containerized Joint Worldwide Intelligence

Communications System

CL contingency location; coordination level

CLA critical logistics asset; landing craft, air cushion launch


CLB combat logistics battalion

CLF combat logistics force; commander, landing force

CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988

CLIP Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program

CLML contingency location master list

CLPSB combatant commander logistics procurement support board

CLR combat logistics regiment

CLS contractor logistics support

CLZ landing craft, air cushion landing zone

CM combination module; cruise missile

cm centimeter(s)

CMA collection management authority

CMAA cooperative military airlift agreement

CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps; Office of Civilian-

Military Cooperation (USAID)

CMCB civil-military coordination board

CMCC combined movement coordination center

CMDO command military deception officer

CME civil-military engagement

CMF Cyber Mission Force

CMM Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (USAID)

CMO civil-military operations

CMOC civil-military operations center

CMOS cargo movement operations system; Cargo Movement

Operations System (USAF)

CMP contractor management plan

CMPF commander, maritime pre-positioning force

CMSE civil-military support element

CMST consequence management support team

CMT combat mission team

CNBG commander, naval beach group

CNGB Chief, National Guard Bureau

CNGBI Chief, National Guard Bureau instruction

CNMF Cyber National Mission Force

CNMF-HQ Cyber National Mission Force-Headquarters

CNMI Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

CNO Chief of Naval Operations

CNR combat net radio

CO cyberspace operations

COA course of action

COB contingency operating base

COC combat operations center

CoC Code of Conduct

COCO contractor-owned, contractor-operated

COCOM combatant command (command authority)

COD combat operations division

COE concept of employment

COF conduct of fire

COG center of gravity; continuity of government

COI community of interest

COIC Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Operations/

Intelligence Integration Center (JIEDDO)

COIN counterinsurgency

CO-IPE cyberspace operations-integrated planning element

COLDS cargo offload and discharge system

COLISEUM community on-line intelligence system for end-users and


COLPRO collective protection

COLS concept of logistics support

COM chief of mission; collection operations management

COMAFFOR commander, Air Force forces

COMALOC commercial air line of communications

COMARFOR commander, Army forces

COMCAM combat camera

COMDTINST Commandant instruction (USCG)

COMFLTCYBERCOM Commander, Fleet Cyber Command

COMINT communications intelligence

COMMARFOR commander, Marine Corps forces

COMNAVFOR commander, Navy forces

COMNET communications network

COMPACAF Commander, Pacific Air Forces

COMPASS Computerized Movement Planning and Status System

COMSC Commander, Military Sealift Command

COMSCINST Commander, Military Sealift Command instruction

COMSEC communications security

COMSUBLANT Commander Submarine Force, United States Atlantic Fleet

COMSUBPAC Commander Submarine Force, United States Pacific Fleet

COMUSNAVNORTH Commander, United States Naval Forces, Northern


COMUSPACFLT Commander, United States Pacific Fleet

CONOPS concept of operations

CONPLAN concept plan; operation plan in concept format

CONR continental United States North American Aerospace

Defense Command Region

CONUS continental United States

COOP continuity of operations

COP common operational picture

COR contracting officer’s representative

CORIVRON coastal riverine squadron

COS chief of staff

COSC combat and operational stress control

COTP captain of the port

COTS commercial off-the-shelf

CP command post; contact point

CPA campaign plan assessment

CPD combat plans division

CPF Cyber Protection Force

CPG Contingency Planning Guidance

CPO chief petty officer

CPT cyberspace protection team

CR civil reconnaissance; contingency response; critical


CRA continuing resolution authority; coordinating review


CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet

C-RAM counter-rocket, artillery, mortar

CRC coastal riverine company; control and reporting center; crisis

reaction center

CRE contingency response element

CREstT Casualty Rate Estimation Tool

CREW counter radio-controlled improvised explosive device

electronic warfare

CRF coastal riverine force; contingency response force

CRG contingency response group

CRM collection requirements management; comment

resolution matrix

CRMx collection requirements matrix

CRSP centralized receiving and shipping point

CRT chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield

explosives response team; contingency response team

CRTS casualty receiving and treatment ship

CRW contingency response wing

CS combat support

CS&C Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (DHS)

CSA combat support agency

CSAR combat search and rescue

CSC convoy support center

CSCS country-specific security cooperation section

CSE contingency support element

CSEL command senior enlisted leader

CSG carrier strike group; cryptologic services group

CSL cooperative security location

CSNP causeway section, nonpowered

CSO Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (DOS)

CSP campaign support plan; career sea pay

CSPOC Combined Space Operations Center (USSPACECOM)

CSS Central Security Service (NSA); combat service support

CSSA combat service support area

CSSAMO combat service support automation management office

CSSB combat sustainment support battalion

CSSP cybersecurity service provider

CST combat support team

CSTO combined space tasking order

CSW coordinate seeking weapons

CT computed tomography; counterterrorism

CTBT Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty

CTF commander, task force; counter threat finance

CTF IAMD commander, task force integrated air and missile defense

CTFP Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program

CTIP combating trafficking in persons

CTITF Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (UN)

CTL candidate target list

CTN countering threat networks

CTP common tactical picture

CTR cooperative threat reduction

CTS commodity tracking system; Contingency Tracking

System; controlled technical services

CTU commander, task unit

C-UAS counter-unmanned aircraft system

CUI controlled unclassified information

CUL common-user logistics

CULT common-user land transportation

CV critical vulnerability

CVE countering violent extremism

CVS commercial vendor services

CVT criticality-vulnerability-threat

CVW carrier air wing

CW chemical warfare; continuous wave

CWA chemical warfare agent

CWC Chemical Weapons Convention; composite warfare


CWG counterdeception working group

CWMD countering weapons of mass destruction

CWP causeway pier

CWT customer wait time

CZTE combat zone tax exclusion


D&F determinations and findings

D&M detection and monitoring

D3A decide, detect, deliver, and assess

DA Department of the Army; direct action; double agent

DAADC deputy area air defense commander

DACAS digitally aided close air support

DACG departure airfield control group

DACO directive authority for cyberspace operations

DAF Department of the Air Force

DAFL directive authority for logistics

DAL defended asset list

DALIS Disaster Assistance Logistics Information System

DAO defense attaché office

DART disaster assistance response team

DASC direct air support center

DASD(CN&GT) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for

Counternarcotics and Global Threats

DASD(Log) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Logistics)

DASD(SO/CT) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special

Operations and Combating Terrorism

DATT defense attaché

DAWIA Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act

DBIDS Defense Biometric Identification System

DBSMC Defense Business Systems Management Committee

DC3 Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center

DC Deputies Committee; directed communication; dislocated


DCA defense cooperation agreement; defensive counterair

DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency

DCAPES Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution


DCCC Defense Collection Coordination Center (DIA)

DCE defense coordinating element

DCGS distributed common ground/surface system

DCGS-A distributed common ground system-Army

DCGS-MC distributed common ground/surface system Marine Corps

DCHA Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian

Assistance (USAID)

DCHC Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center

DCI defense critical infrastructure

D/CIA Director, Central Intelligence Agency

DCID Director of Central Intelligence directive

DCIP Defense Critical Infrastructure Program

DCISE Defense Industrial Base Collaborative Information

Sharing Environment

DCJTF deputy commander, joint task force

DCM defense collection manager; deputy chief of mission;

directed communication model

DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency

DCME Defense Collection Management Enterprise

DCO defense coordinating officer; defensive cyberspace


DCO-IDM defensive cyberspace operations-internal defensive


DCO-RA defensive cyberspace operations-response actions

DCP data collection plan; detainee collection point

DCR doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership

and education, personnel, facilities, and policy

change recommendation

DCRF defense chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear

response force

DCS Defense Collaboration Services

DCTC Defense Combating Terrorism Center (DIA)

DD Department of Defense (form)

DDA deputy development advisor

DDE Defense Logistics Agency distribution expeditionary

DDM Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Mapping

DDOC Deployment and Distribution Operations Center


DDR disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration

DDS Deployable Disbursing System

DDSBn deployment and distribution support battalion

DDSM Defense Distinguished Service Medal

DDST deployment and distribution support team

DDXX Defense Logistics Agency distribution expeditionary

DE decedent effects; directed energy

DEA Drug Enforcement Administration (DOJ)

DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System

DEPORD deployment order

DepSecDef Deputy Secretary of Defense

DERP Defense Environmental Restoration Program

DES deception event schedule

DF dangerous fallout; direction finding

DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service

DFBA Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency

DFC detention facility commander

DFE Defense Intelligence Agency forward element

DFRIF Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet

DFU dry filter unit

DGT designated ground target

DHA Defense Health Agency; detainee holding area

DHE defense human intelligence executor

DHE-M Defense Human Intelligence Enterprise-manual

DHHS Department of Health and Human Services

DHM defense human intelligence manager

DHP Defense Health Program

DHS Department of Homeland Security

DI Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Directorate for Analysis

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

DIAP Defense Intelligence Analysis Program

DIB defense industrial base; defense institution building

DIE deception intelligence estimate

DIFC Defence Intelligence Fusion Centre

DIMOC Defense Imagery Management Operations Center

DINFOS Defense Information School

DIO defense intelligence officer

DIRI Defense Institution Reform Initiative

DIRINT Director of Intelligence (USMC)

DIRLAUTH direct liaison authorized

DIRMOBFOR director of mobility forces

DIRNSA Director, National Security Agency

DIRSPACEFOR director of space forces (USSF)

DISA Defense Information Systems Agency

DISN Defense Information Systems Network

DISO deception in support of operations security

DISR Department of Defense Information Technology

Standards Registry

DJ-7 Director, Joint Force Development

DJS Director, Joint Staff

DLA Defense Logistics Agency

DLD digital liaison detachment

DLEA drug law enforcement agency

DLM defense logistics manual

DLMS Defense Logistics Management System

DM docking module

DMA Defense Media Activity

DMDC Defense Manpower Data Center

DMSM Defense Meritorious Service Medal

DMT disaster management team (UN)

DMZ demilitarized zone

DNA deoxyribonucleic acid

DNBI disease and nonbattle injury

DNC digital nautical chart

DNDO Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DHS)

DNI Director of National Intelligence

DNWS Defense Nuclear Weapons School

DOC Department of Commerce

DOD Department of Defense

DODD Department of Defense directive

DODFMR Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation

DODI Department of Defense instruction

DODIIS Department of Defense Intelligence Information System

DODIN Department of Defense information network

DODM Department of Defense manual

DODS-CWMD Department of Defense Strategy for Countering Weapons

of Mass Destruction

DOE Department of Energy

DOEHRS-IH Defense Occupational and Environmental Health

Readiness System – Industrial Hygiene

DOI Department of the Interior

DOJ Department of Justice

DOL Department of Labor

DOMEX document and media exploitation

DON Department of the Navy

DOS days of supply; Department of State

DOT Department of Transportation

DOTMLPF doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and

education, personnel, and facilities

DOTMLPF-P doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and

education, personnel, facilities, and policy

DOWG deception operations working group

DOX-T direct operational exchange-tactical

DP decisive point; displaced person

DPA danger pay allowance

DPAA Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting


DPAS Defense Priorities and Allocation System

DPC deception planning cell Defense Pricing and Contracting

DPG Defense Planning Guidance

dpi dots per inch

DPI desired point of impact

DPIP departing initial point

DPM dissemination program manager

DPO Defense Press Office; distribution process owner

DPPDB digital point positioning database

DR disaster relief

DRL Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DOS)

DRO departmental requirements officer

DRP digital reference point

DRRS Defense Readiness Reporting System

DRRS-S Defense Readiness Reporting System-Strategic

DRS detainee reporting system

DRT directed readiness table

DS direct support

DSC defensive space control; dual-status commander

DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency; defense support

of civil authorities

DSE direct support element

DSF deployable specialized force; District Stability

Framework (USAID)

DSM decision support matrix

DSN Defense Switched Network

DSO Defense Spectrum Organization (DISA)

DSPD defense support to public diplomacy

DSR defense strategy review

DSRSG Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General

DSS/ALOC direct support system/air line of communications

DSSM Defense Superior Service Medal

DSSR Department of State Standardized Regulation

DST decision support template; Defense Logistics Agency

support team; district support team

DTA dynamic threat assessment

DTD Deployable Training Division

DTED digital terrain elevation data

DTG date-time group

D/T/ID detect/track/identify

DTIRP Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program

DTL deployable team leader

DTM directive-type memorandum

DTO drug trafficking organization

DTPA diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid

DTR Defense Transportation Regulations

DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency

DTS Defense Transportation System; Defense Travel System

DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration

DURC dual-use research of concern

DVD digital video disc

DVIDS Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System

DWAS Defense Working Capital Accounting System

DWT deadweight tonnage

DZ drop zone

DZST drop zone support team


18 AF Eighteenth Air Force

E enhanced

E3 electromagnetic environmental effects

EA electromagnetic attack; executive


EAC emergency action committee

EACA electromagnetic attack control authority

EAD earliest arrival date

EADRCC Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre

EADRU Euro-Atlantic disaster response unit

EADS Eastern Air Defense Sector

EAF expeditionary airfield

EAP emergency action plan

EAPC Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council

EBS environmental baseline survey

ECC engineer coordination cell; evacuation control center

ECHO European Commission Directorate General for

Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

ECM electromagnetic countermeasures; electronic


ECOSOC Economic and Social Council (UN)

ECS environmental condition study; expeditionary combat


EDA excess defense articles

EDI electronic data interchange

EDTA ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

EEE emergency and extraordinary expense

EEI essential element of information

EEO equal employment opportunity

EER enlisted employee review

EEZ exclusive economic zone

EFT electronic funds transfer

eGPL Enhanced Geospatial Product Library (USAF)

EH explosive hazard

EHCC explosive hazards coordination cell

EHDB explosive hazard database

EHSA environmental health site assessment

EJPME enlisted joint professional military education

EL enduring location

ELCAS elevated causeway system

ELCAS(M) elevated causeway system (modular)

ELINT electronic intelligence

ELIST enhanced logistics intratheater support tool

ELML enduring location master list

ELOS extended line-of-sight

ELT emergency locator transmitter

EM electromagnetic; emergency management

EMAC emergency management assistance compact

EMBM electromagnetic battle management

EMC electromagnetic compatibility

EMCON emission control

EMD expeditionary military information support detachment

EME electromagnetic environment

EMEDS expeditionary medical support

EMF expeditionary medical facility

EMI electromagnetic interference

EMIO expanded maritime interception operations

EMP electromagnetic pulse

EMRE Expeditionary Medicine Requirements Estimator

EMS electromagnetic spectrum

EMSCA electromagnetic spectrum coordinating authority

EMSO electromagnetic spectrum operations

EMSOC electromagnetic spectrum operations cell (USMC)

EMT expeditionary military

information support team

EMU expeditionary medical unit

ENAO emergency nuclear airlift operations

EO electro-optical; executive order

EOB electromagnetic order of battle

EOC emergency operations center

EOCA explosive ordnance clearance agent

EOD explosive ordnance disposal

EODB explosive ordnance disposal bulletin

EODESU explosive ordnance disposal expeditionary support unit

EODGRU explosive ordnance disposal group (USN)

EODIMS Explosive Ordnance Disposal Information Management


EODMU explosive ordnance disposal mobile unit

EODMU-1 explosive ordnance disposal mobile unit one

EODT&T explosive ordnance disposal technology and training

EODTEU explosive ordnance disposal training and evaluation unit

EODTIC Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technical Information

Centre (NATO)

EO-IR electro-optical-infrared

EO-IR CM electro-optical-infrared countermeasure

EP electromagnetic protection; emergency preparedness;

excess property

EPA Environmental Protection Agency; evasion plan of action

EPBS expeditionary prime base engineer emergency force


EPF expeditionary fast transport

EPH emergency planning handbook

EPIC El Paso Intelligence Center

EPIRB emergency position-indicating radio beacon

EPLO emergency preparedness liaison officer

EPU expeditionary port unit

EPW enemy prisoner of war

ERC en route care; expeditionary railway center

ERDC Engineer Research and Development Center

ERG Emergency Response Guidebook

ERIMP En Route Infrastructure Master Plan (USTRANSCOM)

ERPSS En Route Patient Staging System

ERSG executive representative of the Secretary-General

ERT engineer

reconnaissance team

ERU emergency response unit

ERW explosive remnants of war

ES electromagnetic support; expeditionary salvage

ESB engineer support battalion; expeditionary sea base

ESC expeditionary sustainment command

ESCS environmental site closure survey

ESD expeditionary transfer dock

ESEO environmental science and engineering officer

ESF Economic Support Fund; emergency support function

ESG executive steering group; expeditionary strike group

ESGR Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

ESO Expeditionary Support

Organization (DFAS)

ESORTS Enhanced Status of Resources and Training System

ESP engineer support plan; Estimating Supplies Program

ESR external supported recovery

EST embarked security team

ET electronics technician

ETF electronic target folder

ETM essential tasks matrix

ETO Emergency Transportation Operations (DOT)

EU European Union

Europol European Union Agency for Law Enforcement


EVC evasion chart

EVE equal value exchange

EV WHS Enhanced View Web Hosting Service

EW electromagnetic warfare

EWC electronic warfare cell

EWCA electronic warfare control authority

EWCC electromagnetic warfare coordination cell

EWO electromagnetic warfare officer

EXORD execute order

EXU-1 Expeditionary Exploitation Unit One

EZ exchange zone


F2T2EA find, fix, track, target, engage, and assess

F3EAD find, fix, finish, exploit, analyze, and disseminate

FA field artillery

FAA Federal Aviation Administration (DOT); Foreign

Assistance Act

FAC forward air controller

FAC(A) forward air controller (airborne)

FACT field advance civilian team; field assessment and

coordination team

F/AD force/activity designator

FAD forward area detachment

FADM force allocation decision matrix

FAH final attack heading; foreign affairs handbook

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization (UN)

FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation; formal assessment report

FARC flyaway recompression chamber

FARP forward arming and refueling point

FAS Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA)

FAST fleet antiterrorism security team

FB forward boundary

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (DOJ)

FC final coordination; fires cell (USA); floating causeway

FCA Foreign Claims Act

FCC federal coordinating


FCE forward command element

FCO federal coordinating officer

FCP functional campaign plan

FCP-CWMD Functional Campaign Plan for Countering Weapons of

Mass Destruction

FCT firepower control team

FD first draft; from temporary duty (USMC)

FDA Food and Drug Administration (DHHS)

FDC fire direction center

FDO flexible deterrent option; foreign

disclosure officer

FDPMU forward-deployable preventive medicine unit

FDR foreign disaster relief

FE fires element

FEA front-end analysis

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

FEC facilities engineering command; fires and effects


FECC fires and effects coordination center (USMC)

FEI forensic-enabled intelligence

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS)

FEP foreign excess property

FEPP foreign excess personal property

FES fire emergency services

FEST foreign emergency support team

FEZ fighter engagement zone

FFA free-fire area

FFC force fires coordinator

FFCC force fires coordination center (USMC)

FFE field force engineeringt

FFIR friendly force information requirement

FFP fresh frozen plasma; Office of Food for Peace (USAID)

FFT friendly force tracking

FGS final governing standard; Force Generation Service (UN)

FHA foreign humanitarian assistance

FHP force health protection

FHWA Federal Highway Administration (DOT)

FID foreign internal defense

FIE foreign intelligence entity

FIOP federal interagency operational plan

FISINT foreign instrumentation signals intelligence

FIST fire support team (USA); fleet intelligence support team

FLIR forward-looking infrared

FLITE federal legal information through electronics

FLN Front de Libération Nationale

FLO/FLO float-on/float-off

FLOT forward line of own troops

FM field manual (USA); financial management; frequency

management; frequency modulation

FMA foreign materiel acquisition

FMF Fleet Marine Force (USN); foreign military financing

FMS foreign military sales

FMTS Fourth Estate Manpower Tracking System

FMV full-motion video

FN foreign nation

FOB forward operating base

FORCE fuels operational readiness capability equipment (USAF)

FORSCOM United States Army Forces Command

FOS forward observer system; forward operating site; full

operational status

FOUO for official use only

FOV field of view

FP firing point; force protection; force provider

FPCON force protection condition

FPD force protection detachment; foreign post differential

FPE force provider expeditionary (USA)

FPF final protective fire

FPO fleet post office

FPS Federal Protective Service (DHS)

FPWG force protection working group

FRA Federal Railroad Administration (DOT)

FRAGORD fragmentary order

FRC forward resuscitative care

FRO flexible response option

FSA fire support area

FSC fire support coordinator (USMC)

FSCC fire support coordination center (USMC)

FSCL fire support coordination line

FSCM fire support coordination measure

FSCOORD fire support coordinator (USA)

FSEM fire support execution matrix

FSF foreign security forces

FSO fire support officer

FSP functional support plan

FSS fast sealift ship; fire support station

FSSP fuel system supply point

FST fire support task

FSW feet of seawater

ft feet; foot

FTM free text message

FTN force tracking number

FTO foreign terrorist organization

FW fixed-wing

FWA fraud, waste, and abuse

FWRA food and water risk assessment

FXL forensic exploitation laboratory

FY fiscal year

FY1 current fiscal year

FY2 budget year

FY3 program year

FY4 out year

FY5 out year

FYDP Future Years Defense Program


G-1 Army component manpower or personnel staff officer

(Army division or higher staff); assistant chief of staff,

personnel/personnel staff section (USMC)

G-2 Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence; Army

component intelligence staff officer (Army division or

higher staff); assistant chief of staff,

intelligence/intelligence staff section (USMC)

G-2X Army counterintelligence and human intelligence staff


G-3 Army or Marine Corps component operations staff

officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps

brigade or higher staff); assistant chief of staff,


G-4 Army or Marine Corps component logistics staff officer

(Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or

higher staff); assistant chief of staff, logistics/logistics

staff section (USMC)

G-5 assistant chief of staff, plans (USA); assistant chief of

staff, plans/plans staff section (USMC)

G-6 Army component command, control, communications,

and computer systems staff officer (Army division or

higher staff); assistant chief of staff,

communications/communications system staff section


G-7 Army component information operations staff officer;

assistant chief of staff, information

engagement/information operations staff section


GA tabun

GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid

GAFS General Accounting and Finance System

GAMSS Global Air Mobility Support System

GAO Government Accountability Office

GAP CITE Global Adaptive Planning Collaborative

Information Technology Environment

GARS Global Area Reference System

GAT governmental assistance team

GATES Global Air Transportation Execution System

GB sarin

GBS Global Broadcast Service

GC general counsel; Geneva Convention Relative to the

Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

GCCC global contingency construction contract

GCCMAC Global Contingency Construction Multiple Award

Contract (USN)

GCCS Global Command and Control System

GCCS-A Global Command and Control System-Army

GCCS-I3 Global Command and Control System-Integrated

Imagery and Intelligence

GCCS-J Global Command and Control System-Joint

GCE ground combat element (USMC)

GCI ground control intercept

GCM global container manager

GC-MS gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

GCP global campaign plan

GCSC global contingency service contract

GCSMAC Global Contingency Services Multiple Award Contract


GCSS Global Command Support System

GCSS-J Global Combat Support System-Joint

GD soman

GDP global defense posture

GDSS Global Decision Support System

GE general engineering

GENTEXT general text

GEO geosynchronous Earth orbit

GEOINT geospatial intelligence

GEOREF geographic reference

GETM Geospatially Enabled Target Materials (NGA)

GETS Geospatial Intelligence Enterprise Tasking, Processing,

Exploitation, and Dissemination Services

GFE government-furnished equipment

GFM global force management

GFMAP Global Force Management Allocation Plan

GFMB Global Force Management Board

GFMIG Global Force Management Implementation Guidance

GFP government-furnished property

GI&S geospatial information and services

GIBCO geospatial-intelligence base for contingency operations

GICNT Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism

GIF global integration framework

GIMS Geospatial Intelligence Information Management Services

GIS geographic information system

GL government-leased

GLD ground liaison detachment

GLINT gated laser intensifier

GLO ground liaison officer

GLOC ground line of communications

GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System

GLTD ground laser target designator

GMD ground-based midcourse defense

GME global mobility enterprise

GMI general military intelligence

GMLRS Global Positioning System Multiple Launch Rocket


GMSC Global Mission Support Center (USSOCOM)

GNSS global navigation satellite system

GNZ Geospatial Intelligence New Zealand

GO government-owned

GO/FO general officer/flag officer

GPC geospatial planning cell; government purchase card

GPE geospatial intelligence preparation of the environment

GPEC Global Posture Executive Council

GPM gallons per minute; global pallet manager

GPMRC Global Patient Movement Requirements Center

GPOI Global Peace Operations Initiative

GPS Global Positioning System

GPW Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of

Prisoners of War

GRG gridded reference graphic

GROOVE Geospatial Requirements One-Stop Visualization


GS general service; general support

GSA General Services Administration

GSORTS Global Status of Resources and Training System

GSR ground surveillance radar

GTAS ground-to-air signals

GTL gun-target line

GTM global transportation management

G-TSCMIS Global Theater Security Cooperation Management

Information System

GWS Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the

Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces

in the Field

GWS Sea Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the

Condition of the Wounded, Sick, and Shipwrecked

Members of the Armed Forces at Sea


HA holding area; humanitarian assistance

HAC human intelligence analysis cell

HACC humanitarian assistance coordination center

HAP humanitarian assistance program

HAST humanitarian assistance survey team

HC humanitarian coordinator

HCA head of a contracting activity; humanitarian and civic


HCCC harbormaster command and control center

HCR human intelligence collection requirement

HD homeland defense

HDC harbor defense commander; helicopter direction center

HDM Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief, and Mine

Action (DSCA); humanitarian demining

HDR humanitarian daily ration

HDTC Humanitarian Demining Training Center

HE high explosives

HEMP high-altitude electromagnetic pulse

HEO highly elliptical orbit

HERF hazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuels

HERO hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance

HERP hazards of electromagnetic radiation to personnel

HEVR high-explosive violent reaction

HEWSweb Humanitarian Early Warning Service

HF high frequency

HFP hostile fire pay

HHQ higher headquarters

HHR hand-held radio

HW health and welfare

HIDACZ high-density airspace control zone

HIFLD homeland infrastructure foundation-level data

HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System

HIMEZ high-altitude missile engagement zone

HIU Humanitarian Information Unit (DOS)

HIV human immunodeficiency virus

HMA humanitarian mine action

HMCS helmet-mounted cueing system

HMIRS Hazardous Material Information Resource System

HN host nation

HNA host-nation agreement

HNC host-nation coordination

HNCC host nation coordination center

HNS host-nation support

HNSCC host-nation support coordination cell

HNSF host-nation security forces

HOB height of burst

HOC human intelligence operations cell; humanitarian

operations center

HOD head of delegation

HOM head of mission

HPT high-payoff target

HQ headquarters

HQCOMDT headquarters commandant

HQMC Headquarters, United States Marine Corps

HR helicopter request; hostage rescue

HRB high-risk billet

HRC high-risk-of-capture

HRF homeland response force

HRI high risk of isolation

HRP high-risk personnel

HRT health response team

HS homeland security

HSC Homeland Security Council

HSI hyperspectral imagery; Office of Homeland Security

Investigations (DHS)

HSIN Homeland Security Information Network (DHS)

HSM humanitarian service medal

HSPD homeland security Presidential directive

HSS health service support

HST high-speed transport

HSV high-speed vessel

HTH high-test hypochlorite

HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUMINT human intelligence

HVA high-value asset

HVAA high-value airborne asset

HVCDS high-velocity container delivery system

HVE homegrown violent extremist

HVT high-value target

HW hazardous waste


I interservice (USAF)

I2 identity intelligence

I2SP identity intelligence support packet

I2WD Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate (USA)

I&A Office of Intelligence and Analysis (DHS)

IA individual augmentee; information assurance

IAA incident awareness and assessment

IADS integrated air defense system

IAM inertially aided munition

IAMD integrated air and missile defense

IAMSAR International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and


IAP incident action plan; integrated assessment and planning

IAPP Interagency Partnership Program

IAS International Assistance System

IASC Inter-Agency Standing Committee (UN)

IAW in accordance with

IBCT infantry brigade combat team

IBET integrated border enforcement team

IBS Integrated Booking System; integrated broadcast service

IC incident commander; intelligence community

ICAF Interagency Conflict Assessment Framework (DOS)

ICAM improved chemical agent monitor

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile

ICBRN-R international chemical, biological, radiological, and

nuclear response

ICC Intelligence Coordination Center (USCG); International

Criminal Court

ICD intelligence community directive

ICDS improved container delivery system

ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS)

ICF intelligence contingency funds

ICIS integrated consumable item support

ICITAP International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance

Program (DOJ)

ICJ International Court of Justice

ICM image city map

ICODES Integrated Computerized Deployment System

ICP integrated contingency plan; intertheater communications

security package; inventory control point

ICPO-INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization-International


ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross

ICS incident command system; integrated country strategy;

intelligence community standard; interim contractor


ICU intensive care unit

ICVA International Council of Voluntary Agencies

ICW in coordination with

ID identification; identifier; initiating directive

IDAD internal defense and development

IDENT Automated Biometric Identification System (DHS)

IDF indirect fire

IDL initialization data load; integrated distribution lane

IDP imagery derived product; imminent danger pay;

internally displaced person

IDSRS Integrated Defense Source Registration System

IED improvised explosive device

IEM installation emergency management

IER information exchange requirement

IFF identification, friend or foe

IFO integrated financial operations; intermediate fuel oil

IFRC International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent


IG inspector general

IGC Integrated Data Environment/Global Transportation

Network Convergence

IGL intelligence gain/loss

IHS international health specialist

IIP Bureau of International Information Programs (DOS);

interagency implementation plan

IIR intelligence information report

IJSTO integrated joint special technical operations

ILAB Bureau of International Labor Affairs (DOL)

ILOC integrated line of communications

IM information management; intermediate module

IMA individual mobilization augmentee

IMAAC Interagency Modeling and Atmospheric Assessment


IMAT incident management assistance team

IMDG international maritime dangerous goods (UN)

IMET international military education and training

IMINT imagery intelligence

IMM integrated materiel management

IMO information management officer; International Maritime


IMP information management plan; inventory management


IMT incident management team

INCLE International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement


IND improvised nuclear device

INFLTREP inflight report

INL Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement

Affairs (DOS)

INLS improved Navy lighterage system

INR Bureau of Intelligence and Research (DOS)

INS inertial navigation system

INSARAG International Search and Rescue Advisory Group

INSCOM United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

InterAction American Council for Voluntary International Action

IO information operations

IOCB information operations coordination board

IOII information operations intelligence integration

IOM International Organization for Migration

IOSS Interagency Operations Security Support Staff

IOWG information operations working group

IP initial point; integrated policy (USAF); intelligence

planning; Internet protocol

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlespace

IPC interagency planning cell; interagency policy committee

IPDP inland petroleum distribution plan

IPDS inland petroleum distribution system (USA)

IPE individual protective equipment; integrated planning element

IPG isolated personnel guidance

IPI indigenous populations and institutions

IPR in-progress review

IPT intelligence planning team

IR information requirement; infrared; intelligence


IRA Provisional Irish Republican Army

IRBM intermediate-range ballistic missile

IRC information-related capability; Internet relay chat

IROM infrared operations manager

IRR Individual Ready Reserve

IRTPA Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act

IS information system

ISA individual Service augmentee; international

standardization agreement

ISAF International Security Assistance Force

ISB intermediate staging base

ISDDC Integrated Mission Support for Surface Deployment and

Distribution Cargo

ISE information sharing environment

ISG isolated Soldier guidance

ISIL Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

ISIR identify, separate, influence, and renunciation

ISN Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation

(DOS); internment serial number

ISO International Organization for Standardization

ISOPAK International Organization for Standardization package

ISOPREP isolated personnel report

ISP Internet service provider

ISPR intelligence support to personnel recovery

ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

ISRD intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance division

ISRLO intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance liaison

officer (USAF)

I/T interpreter and translator

IT information system technician; information technology

ITA International Trade Administration (DOC)

ITF integrated task force; intelligence task force (DIA)

ITO installation transportation officer

ITU International Telecommunications Union

ITV in-transit visibility

ITW/AA integrated tactical warning and attack assessment

IVA intermediate volatility agent

IW irregular warfare

IWC information operations warfare commander

IWG intelligence working group

IWW inland waterway

IWWS inland waterway system


J-1 manpower and personnel directorate of a joint staff

J-2 intelligence directorate of a joint staff

J-2E joint force exploitation staff element

J-2X joint force counterintelligence and human intelligence

staff element

J-3 operations directorate of a joint staff

J-35 future operations cell

J-39 DDGO Joint Staff, Deputy Director for Global Operations

J-4 logistics directorate of a joint staff

J-5 plans directorate of a joint staff

J-6 communications system directorate of a joint staff

J-7 engineering staff section of a joint staff; operational plans

and interoperability directorate of a joint staff; training

and education directorate of a joint staff; training

directorate of a joint staff

J-8 force structure, resource, and assessment directorate of a

joint staff; resource management and financial support

directorate of a joint staff

J-9 civil-military operations/interagency cooperation

directorate of a joint staff; civil-military operations

directorate/interagency operations directorate of a joint

staff; civil-military operations directorate of a joint staff

J-35 future operations cell

J-39 DDGO Joint Staff, Deputy Director for Global Operations

JA judge advocate

JA/ATT joint airborne and air transportability training

JACCE joint air component coordination element

JACE joint air coordination element

JADOC Joint Air Defense Operations Center (NORAD)

JADOCS Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System

JAG judge advocate general

JAGIC joint air-ground integration center

JAMMS Joint Asset Movement Management System

JAOC joint air operations center

JAOP joint air operations plan

JARN joint air request net

JASSM joint air-to-surface standoff missile

JAT joint assessment team

JBPO joint blood program office

JCA joint capability area

JCASO Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office (DLA)

JCC joint cyberspace center

JCCA joint combat capability assessment

JCCC Joint Combat Camera Center

JCEOI joint communications-electronics operating instructions

JCET joint combined exchange training

JCEWR joint coordination of electromagnetic warfare


JCEWS joint force commander’s electronic warfare staff

JCIU joint counterintelligence unit

JCM Joint Container Management

JCMA joint communications security monitoring activity

JCMB joint collection management board

JCMEB joint civil-military engineering board

JCMEC joint captured materiel exploitation center; Joint Captured

Materiel Exploitation Center (DIA)

JCMO joint communications security management office

JCMOTF joint civil-military operations task force

JCRM Joint Capabilities Requirements Manager

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCSB joint contracting support board

JCSE Joint Communications Support Element


JDAB Joint Doctrine Analysis Branch

JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition

JDB Joint Doctrine Branch

JDD joint doctrine distribution

JDDAS Joint Doctrine Development and Assessment Schedule

JDDC Joint Deployment and Distribution Coordinator

(USTRANSCOM); joint doctrine development


JDDE joint deployment and distribution enterprise

JDDOC joint deployment and distribution operations center

JDDT Joint Doctrine Development Tool

JDEC joint document exploitation center

JDEIS Joint Doctrine, Education, and Training Electronic

Information System

JDET joint distribution enabling team

JDIGS Joint Digital Information Gathering System

JDISS joint deployable intelligence support system

JDN joint data network; joint doctrine note

JDNC joint data network operations cell

JDNO joint data network operations officer

JDPC Joint Doctrine Planning Conference

JDPI joint desired point of impact

JDPO joint deployment process owner

JECC Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (USTRANSCOM)

JED Joint Education and Doctrine

JEDD Joint Education and Doctrine Division

JEL Joint Electronic Library

JEL+ Joint Electronic Library Plus

JEMB joint environmental management board

JEMSO joint electromagnetic spectrum operations

JEMSOC joint electromagnetic spectrum operations cell

JENM joint enterprise network manager

JEODOC joint explosives ordnance disposal operations center

JEODTF joint explosives ordnance disposal task force

JEPAC Joint Electromagnetic Preparedness for Advanced Combat


JEPES Joint Engineer Planning and Execution System

JET joint expeditionary team; Joint Operation Planning and

Execution System editing tool

JETS joint equipment, tactical, and space

JEWC Joint Electromagnetic Warfare Center (USSTRATCOM)

JEWCS joint electronic warfare core staff (NATO)

JEZ joint engagement zone

JFACC joint force air component commander

JFAST Joint Flow and Analysis System for Transportation

JFC joint force commander

JFCC-IMD Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated

Missile Defense

JFCC-ISR Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence,

Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (USSTRATCOM)

JFCC Space Joint Functional Component Command for Space


JFCH joint force chaplain

JFE joint fires element

JFHQ joint force headquarters

JFHQ-C joint force headquarters-cyberspace

JFHQ-DODIN Joint Force Headquarters-Department of Defense

Information Network (USCYBERCOM)

JFHQ-NCR Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region

JFLCC joint force land component commander

JFM joint functional manager

JFMC joint fleet mail center

JFMCC joint force maritime component commander

JFMO joint frequency management office

JFO joint field office; joint fires observer

JFP joint force provider

JFRG II joint force requirements generator II

JFRR Joint Force Readiness Review

JFS joint force surgeon

JFSA Joint Force Sufficiency Assessment

JFSCC Joint Force Space Component Commander


JFSOCC joint force special operations component commander

JFUB joint facilities utilization board

JG joint guide

JHNS Joint Hometown News Service

JIA joint individual augmentation; joint individual augmentee

JIACG joint interagency coordination group

JIATF joint interagency task force

JIATF-S Joint Interagency Task Force-South

JIATF-W Joint Interagency Task Force-West

JIC joint information center

JICO joint interface control officer

JIDC joint interrogation and debriefing center

JIDO Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (DTRA)

JIEE Joint Information Exchange Environment

JIMB joint information management board

JIMPP joint industrial mobilization planning process

JIOC joint intelligence operations center

JIOC-TRANS Joint Intelligence Operations Center–Transportation


JIOWC Joint Information Operations Warfare Center

JIPCL joint integrated prioritized collection list

JIPOE joint intelligence preparation of the operational environment

JIPTL joint integrated prioritized target list

JISE joint intelligence support element

JLB joint logistics board

JLCC joint lighterage control center

JLEnt joint logistics enterprise

JLLIS Joint Lessons Learned Information System

JLLP Joint Lessons Learned Program

JLOA joint logistics over-the-shore operation area

JLOC joint logistics operations center

JLOP joint land operations plan

JLOTS joint logistics over-the-shore

JLSB joint line of communications security board

JLSE joint legal support element

JLSG joint logistic support group

JMAA joint mission assurance assessment

JMAO joint mortuary affairs office

JMC joint movement center

JMD joint manning document

JMEEL joint mission-essential equipment list

JMEM Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual

JMET joint mission-essential task

JMETL joint mission-essential task list

JMICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

mobile integrated communications system

JMISTF joint military information support task force

JMO joint meteorological and oceanographic officer;

joint munitions office

JMOC joint medical operations center

JMP joint manpower program

JMPA joint military postal activity

JMPAB Joint Materiel Priorities and Allocation Board

JMPS Joint Mission Planning System

JMPT Joint Medical Planning Tool

JMTCA joint munitions transportation coordinating activity

JMUA Joint Meritorious Unit Award

JMWG joint medical working group

JNCC joint network operations control center

JNWC Joint Navigation Warfare Center

JOA joint operations area

JOAF joint operations area forecast

JOC joint operations center

JOG joint operations graphic

JOPC Joint Overhead Persistent Infrared Center

JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System

JOPG joint operations planning group

JOPPA joint operation planning process for air

JOSAC joint operational support airlift center

JOSE Joint Operations Security Support Element (Joint Staff)

JP joint publication

JPAC joint planning augmentation cell

JPADS joint precision airdrop system

JPARR joint personnel accountability reconciliation and reporting

JPASE joint public affairs support element; Joint Public Affairs

Support Element (USTRANSCOM)

JPAT joint planning and advisory team

JPC joint postal cell

JPEC joint planning and execution community

JPED joint personal effects depot

JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group

JPERSTAT joint personnel status and casualty report

JPG joint planning group

JPME joint professional military education

JPMRC joint patient movement requirements center

JPO joint petroleum office

JPOC joint personnel operations center

JPP joint planning process

JPPA joint planning process for air

JPPC joint personnel processing center

JPRA Joint Personnel Recovery Agency

JPRC joint personnel recovery center

JPSE Joint Planning Support Element (USTRANSCOM)

JPTTA joint personnel training and tracking activity

JRC joint reconnaissance center

JRCC joint reception coordination center

JRERP Joint Radiological Emergency Response Plan

JRFL joint restricted frequency list

JRIC joint reserve intelligence center

JRIP Joint Reserve Intelligence Program

JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council

JRRB joint requirements review board

JRSOI joint reception, staging, onward movement, and integration

JS Joint Staff

JSA joint security area

JSAM Joint Service Achievement Medal

JSAP Joint Staff action processing

JSC joint security coordinator; Joint Spectrum Center (DISA)

JSCC joint security coordination center

JSCM Joint Service Commendation Medal

JSDS Joint Staff doctrine sponsor

JSETS Joint Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking

Electronic Tracking System

JSIR joint spectrum interference resolution

JSME joint spectrum management element

JSO joint security operations

JSOA joint special operations area

JSOAC joint special operations air component

JSOACC joint special operations air component commander

JSOC joint special operations command

JSOTF joint special operations task force

JSOU Joint Special Operations University

JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System

JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

JT&E joint test and evaluation

JTAC joint terminal attack controller

JTAIC Joint Technical Analysis and Integration Cell (USA)

JTAR joint tactical air strike request

JTB Joint Transportation Board

JTCB joint targeting coordination board

JTCC joint transportation coordination center

JTCG/ME Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions


JTD joint table of distribution

JTF joint task force

JTF-CS Joint Task Force-Civil Support

JTF-E Joint Task Force-East (DHS); joint task force-elimination

JTF-HD Joint Task Force-Homeland Defense

JTF-I Joint Task Force-Investigations (DHS)

JTF-N Joint Task Force-North

JTF-PO joint task force-port opening

JTF-SD Joint Task Force-Space Defense (USSPACECOM)

JTF-State joint task force-state

JTF-W Joint Task Force-West (DHS)

JTL joint target list

JTLM joint theater logistics management

JTMD joint table of mobilization and distribution; Joint

Terminology Master Database

JTMS joint theater movement staff

JTP joint training plan

JTR Joint Travel Regulations

JTS Joint Training System

JTSCC joint theater support contracting command

JTTF joint terrorism task force

JTWG joint targeting working group

JU Joint Tactical Information Distribution System unit

JUO joint urban operation

JUON joint urgent operational need

JVB joint visitors bureau

JWAC Joint Warfare Analysis Center

JWG joint working group

JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System


k thousand

kg kilogram(s)

K-Kill catastrophic kill

KLE key leader engagement

km kilometer

KQ ID tactical location identifier

KS knowledge sharing

kt kiloton(s); knot (nautical miles per hour)


LA lead agent

LAD latest arrival date; launch area denied

LAN local area network

LARC lighter, amphibious resupply, cargo

LARC-V lighter, amphibious resupply, cargo, 5 ton

lb pound

lbs. pounds

LC legal counsel

LCAC landing craft, air cushion

LCC land component commander

LCE logistics combat element (USMC)

LCM landing craft, mechanized; letter-class mail

LCU landing craft, utility

LD light damage

LDA limited depository account

LDF local defense force

LDO laser designator operator

LE law enforcement

LEA law enforcement agency

LEC lead environmental component

LEDET law enforcement detachment (USCG)

LEMP low-altitude electromagnetic pulse

LEO law enforcement operations; low Earth orbit

LF landing force

LFA lead federal agency

LFOC landing force operations center

LFSP landing force support party

LGB laser-guided bomb

LGM laser-guided missile

LGW laser-guided weapon

LHA amphibious assault ship (general purpose)

LHD amphibious assault ship (multipurpose)

LL lessons learned

LM light maneuver

LMARS Logistics Metrics Analysis Reporting System

LMSR large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off

LN lead nation; local national

LNO liaison officer

LOA letter of assist; letter of authorization

LOAC law of armed conflict

LOAL lock-on after launch

LOBL lock-on before launch

LOC line of communications

LOD line of departure

LOE letter of evaluation; line of effort

LOGCAP Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (USA)

LOI letter of instruction

LO/LO lift-on/lift-off

LOMEZ low-altitude missile engagement zone

LOO line of operation

LO/RO lift-on/roll-off

LOS line of sight

LOTS logistics over-the-shore

LPD amphibious transport dock; low probability of detection

LRC logistics readiness center

LRF laser range finder

LRO lighterage repair officer

LRT logistics response time

LSA logistics support analysis; logistics supportability analysis

LSC lead Service for contracting

LSCC lead Service for contracting coordination

LSD dock landing ship

LSS laser spot search; logistics support system; low, slow, and


LSSS logistics support, supplies, and services

LST laser spot tracker

LSV logistics support vessel

LT long ton

LTD laser target designator

LTF logistics task force

LTIOV latest time information is of value

LTL laser-to-target line

LZ landing zone


m³ cubic meter(s)

M&E monitoring and evaluation

MA mission assurance; mortuary affairs

MAA mission assurance assessment

MAAP master air attack plan

MAC mobility assault company

MACCS Marine air command and control system

MACP mortuary affairs collection point

MACS Marine air control squadron

MAF mobility air forces

MAG Marine aircraft group

MAGTF Marine air-ground task force (USMC)

MAJCOM major command (USAF)

MANPADS man-portable air defense system

MAOC-N Maritime Analysis and Operations Center-Narcotics

MARAD Maritime Administration

MARAD RRF Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Force

MARFOR Marine forces

Marine TACC Marine tactical air command center

MARLE Marine liaison element

MARO mass atrocity response operations

MARPOL International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution

from Ships

MARS Military Auxiliary Radio System

MARSOC Marine Special Operations Command

MARSOF Marine special operations forces

MARTS Mortuary Affairs Reporting and Tracking System

MAS maritime air support

MASA mutual airlift support agreement

MASINT measurement and signature intelligence

MASLO measurement and signature intelligence liaison officer

MAW Marine aircraft wing

MC Military Committee (NATO); mobile


MC4EB Military Command, Control, Communications, and

Computers Executive Board

MCA military civic action

MCB movement control battalion

MCC movement control center

MCCC Marine Corps component command

MCCE Movement Coordination Centre Europe

MCDP Marine Corps doctrinal publication

MCESG Marine Corps Embassy Security Group

MCI multinational communications integration

MCIA Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

MCIO military criminal investigative organization

MCIOC Marine Corps Information Operations Center

MCIP Marine Corps interim publication; military customs

inspection program

MCISRE Marine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and

Reconnaissance Enterprise

MCM maneuver control measure; Manual for Courts-Martial;

military committee memorandum (memorandum issued in

the name of the Chairman); mine countermeasures

MCMC mine countermeasures commander

MCMO medical civil-military operations

MCMREP mine countermeasure report

MCMRON mine countermeasures squadron

MCO major combat operation; Mapping Customer Operations

(Defense Logistics Agency); Marine Corps order

MCRP Marine Corps reference publication

MCS modular causeway system

MCSFR Marine Corps Security Forces Regiment

MCT movement control team

MCTB Military Committee Terminology Board

MCTOG Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group

MCTP Marine Corps tactical publication

MCWP Marine Corps warfighting publication

MD missile defense; moderate damage

MDA maritime domain awareness; Missile Defense Agency

MDBS medical detachment, blood support

MDDOC Marine air-ground task force deployment and distribution

operations center

MDIOC Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center


MDM maritime defense measure

MDO military deception officer

MDRO mission disaster response officer

MDS mobile diving and salvage

MDSS II Marine Air-Ground Task Force Deployment Support

System II

MDSU mobile diving and salvage unit

MEA munitions effectiveness assessment

MEB maneuver enhancement brigade; Marine expeditionary


ME/C medical examiner and/or coroner

MEDCOM (DS) medical command (deployment support) (USA)

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

MEDINT medical intelligence

MEDLOG medical logistics

MEF Marine expeditionary force

MEJA Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act

MEO medium Earth orbit; military equal opportunity

MET mobile environmental team

METL mission-essential task list

METOC meteorological and oceanographic

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support

available-time available

MEU Marine expeditionary unit

MEZ missile engagement zone

MF mobile facility

MFC multinational force commander

MFE mobile field exchange

MGRS military grid reference system

MHD maritime homeland defense

MHE materials handling equipment

MHS maritime homeland security; Military Health System

MHz megahertz

MI military intelligence

MIA missing in action

MIB Military Intelligence Board

MIDB modernized integrated database

MIFC maritime intelligence fusion center (USCG)

MILALOC military air line of communications

MILCO minelike contact

MILCON military construction

MILDEC military deception

MILDEP Military Department

MILSATCOM military satellite communications

MILSPEC military specification

MIL-STD military standard

MILSTRIP military standard requisitioning and issue procedure

MILU multinational integrated logistic unit

MIMP Mobilization Information Management Plan

MIO maritime interception operations

MIOC maritime interception operations commander

MIP military intelligence program

MIPOE medical intelligence preparation of the operational


MIPR military interdepartmental purchase request

MIR multisensor imagery reconnaissance

MIS military information support

MISG military information support group

MISO military information support operations

MISREP mission report

MIST mechanism of injury, injury type, signs, treatment

MISTF military information support task force

MITAM mission tasking matrix

MIW mine warfare

MIWC mine warfare commander

MJLC multinational joint logistics center

M-Kill mobility kill

MLG Marine logistics group

MLI munitions list item

MLRS multiple launch rocket system

MLT military liaison team

MMIM Modeled Meteorological Information Manager

MMS marine mammal system

MMT military mail terminal

MNC multinational corporation

MNCC multinational coordination center

MNEODCC multinational explosives ordnance disposal control center

MNF multinational force

MNFACC multinational force air component commander

MNFC multinational force commander

MNFLCC multinational force land component commander

MNFMCC multinational force maritime component commander

MNFSOCC multinational force special operations component commander

MNJLC multinational joint logistics component

MNL master net list; multinational logistics

MNLC multinational logistic center

MNTF multinational task force

MOA memorandum of agreement

MOB main operating base

MOBREP mobilization report

MOC maritime operations center; media operations center

MOD ministry of defense; modification

Mod model

MODA ministry of defense advisor

MOE measure of effectiveness

MOEI measure of effectiveness indicator

MOG maximum (aircraft) on ground

MOP measure of performance

MOPP mission-oriented protective posture

MOTR maritime operational threat response

MOU memorandum of understanding

MP military police (USA and USMC); multinational publication

MPAT Multinational Planning Augmentation Team

MPF maritime pre-positioning force

MPFUB maritime pre-positioning force utility boat

MPO military post office

MPS maritime pre-positioning ship; Military Planning Service

(UN); Military Postal Service

MPSA Military Postal Service Agency

MPSRON maritime pre-positioning ships squadron

MPTk Medical Planners’ Toolkit

MRAT medical radiobiology advisory team

MRO mass rescue operation; materiel release order; medical

regulating officer

MRR minimum-risk route

MSC major subordinate command; Military Sealift Command

MSCAT maritime security center augment team

MSCO Military Sealift Command Office

MSD mobile security division

MSF mobile security force

MSG Marine security guard

MSI modified surface index

MSIC Missile and Space Intelligence Center

MSL mean sea level; military shipping label

MSO maritime security operations; military source operation

MSOC Marine special operations company

MSOG Multinational Strategy and Operations Group

MSOR Marine Special Operations Regiment

MSP Maritime Security Program

MSR main supply route

MSRT maritime security response team (USCG)

MSST Marine space support team; maritime safety and security


MST mission support team

MTAB Military Technical Acceptance Board

MTCR Missile Technology Control Regime

MTF medical treatment facility

MTFP mission-tailored force package

MTN multi-tactical data link network

MTON measurement ton

MTT mobile training team

MUSE mobile utilities support equipment

MWC Missile Warning Center (USSPACECOM)

MWD military working dog

MWG mobilization working group

MWR morale, welfare, and recreation

MWSD Marine wing support detachment

MWSS Marine wing support squadron

MWT modular warping tug


N-2 Director of Naval Intelligence; Navy component

intelligence staff officer

N-6 Director of Naval Communications Networks

NA5CRO non-Article 5 crisis response operation (NATO)

NAC North Atlantic Council (NATO)

NAD 83 North American Datum 1983

NADR nonproliferation, antiterrorism, demining, and related


NAEC-ENG Naval Air Engineering Center – Engineering

NAF nonappropriated funds; numbered air force

NAI named area of interest

NALC Navy ammunition logistics code

NALE naval and amphibious liaison element

NALSS naval advanced logistic support site

NAMS National Air Mobility System

NAR nonconventional assisted recovery; notice of ammunition


NARAC national atmospheric release advisory capability;

National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center (DOE)

NARP Nuclear Weapon Accident Response Procedures

NAS naval air station

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASIC National Air and Space Intelligence Center

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATOPS Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures


NAVAIDS navigational aids

NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command

NAVCYBERFOR Navy Cyber Forces

NAVELSG Navy expeditionary logistics support group

NAVEODTECHDIV Naval Explosives Ordnance Disposal Technology


NAVFAC Naval Facilities Engineering Command

NAVFACENGCOM Naval Facilities Engineering Command

NAVFAC EXWC Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare


NAVFOR Navy forces

NAVMED Navy medicine

NAVMTO Navy Material Transportation Office

NAVOCEANO Naval Oceanographic Office

NAVSAT navigation satellite

NAVSCOLEOD Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal

NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command

NAVSEAINST Naval Sea Systems Command instruction

NAVSOC Naval Satellite Operations Center; naval special

operations command

NAVSOF Navy special operations forces

NAVSPACECOM Naval Space Command

NAVSPECWARCOM Naval Special Warfare Command

NAVSUP Naval Supply Systems Command

NAVWAR navigation warfare

NAWCAD Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division

Navy TACC Navy tactical air control center

NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical

NBG naval beach group

NBI nonbattle injury

NBVC Naval Base Ventura County Agency

NC2 nuclear command and control

NC3 nuclear command, control, and communications

NCAGS naval cooperation and guidance for shipping

NCAPS naval coordination and protection of shipping

NCB noncompliant boarding

NCC Navy component command; Navy component


NCCS Nuclear Command and Control System

NCDC National Climatic Data Center

NCES Net-Centric Enterprise Services

NCESGR National Committee of Employer Support for the Guard

and Reserve

NCF naval construction force

NCG naval construction group

NCH natural and cultural resources and historic properties


NCHB Navy cargo-handling battalion

NCIJTF-AG National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force-Analytical

Group (DOD)

NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service

NCIX National Counterintelligence Executive

NCL National System for Geospatial-Intelligence Consolidated


NCMI National Center for Medical Intelligence

NCMP Navy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan

NCO noncombat operations; noncommissioned officer

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

NCOS naval control of shipping

NCP National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution

Contingency Plan

NCPC National Counterproliferation Center

NCR National Capital Region (US); National Security

Agency/Central Security Service representative; naval construction regiment

NCRCC National Capital Region Coordination Center; United

States Northern Command Rescue Coordination Center

NCRDEF national cryptologic representative defense

NCR-IADS National Capital Region-Integrated Air Defense System

NCS National Clandestine Service; National Communications

System; net control station

NCSC National Counterintelligence and Security Center

NCSD National Cyber Security Division (DHS)

NCTC National Counterterrorism Center (DNI)

NDAA national defense authorization act

NDAF Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, Air Force

NDB nondirectional beacon

NDCS National Drug Control Strategy

NDDOC North American Aerospace Defense Command and

United States Northern Command Deployment and

Distribution Operations Cell

NDHQ National Defence Headquarters, Canada

NDIC National Defense Intelligence College

NDMS National Disaster Medical System (DHHS)

NDP national disclosure policy

NDPC National Disclosure Policy Committee

NDRC National Detainee Reporting Center

NDRF National Defense Reserve Fleet

NDS national defense strategy

NDSF National Defense Sealift Fund

NDT nuclear disablement team

NDU National Defense University

NEA Northeast Asia

NEAT naval embarked advisory team; nuclear employment

augmentation team

NEC National Economic Council

NECC Navy Expeditionary Combat Command

NEIC Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command

NELR Navy expeditionary logistics regiment

NEO noncombatant evacuation operation

NEOCC noncombatant evacuation operation coordination center

NEP National Exercise Program

NEPA National Environmental Policy Act

NES National Exploitation System

NEST nuclear emergency support team (DOE)

NETWARCOM Naval Network Warfare Command

NEW net explosive weight

NFA no-fire area

NFC numbered fleet commander

NFELC Naval Facilities Expeditionary Logistics Center

NFESC Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center

NFI national foreign intelligence

NFIB National Foreign Intelligence Board

NFIP National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA)

NFLS naval forward logistic site

NG National Guard

NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NGB National Guard Bureau

NGB-OC National Guard Bureau-Office of the Chaplain

NGCC National Guard Coordination Center

NGCDP National Guard Counterdrug Program

NGCDP-State National Guard Counterdrug Program-state

NGCSP National Guard Counterdrug Support Program

NGDS Net-Centric Geospatial-Intelligence Discovery Services;

Next Generation Delivery Service

NGFS naval gunfire support

NGIC National Ground Intelligence Center

NG-IFOG National Guard Interoperability Field Operations Guide

NG JFHQ-State National Guard joint force headquarters-state

NGLO naval gunfire liaison officer

NGO nongovernmental organization

NGP National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Program

NHMD National Human Intelligence Manager directive

NIC National Intelligence Council

NICC National Intelligence Coordination Center

NICCL National Incident Communications Conference Line

NICCP National Interdiction Command and Control Plan

NIH National Institutes of Health (DHHS)

NIL National Information Library

NIM national intelligence manager

NIMS National Incident Management System

NIOC Navy Information Operations Command

NIP National Intelligence Program

NIPF National Intelligence Priorities Framework

NIPRNET Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network

NISP national intelligence support plan

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology

NIT nuclear incident team

NITF national imagery transmission format

NJOIC National Joint Operations and Intelligence Center

NJTTF National Joint Terrorism Task Force (FBI)

NKOCC non-kinetic operations coordination cell (USAF)

NLRP nonlethal reference point

NLT not later than

NLW nonlethal weapon

nm nautical mile

NMA non-mailable article

NMAWC Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command

NMC Navy Munitions Command

NMCB naval mobile construction battalion

NMCC National Military Command Center

NMCS National Military Command System; not mission capable,


NMCSO Navy and Marine Corps spectrum office

NMEC National Media Exploitation Center

NMIC National Maritime Intelligence Center

NMIO National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office

NMIST National Military Intelligence Support Team (DIA)

NMO National Measurement and Signature Intelligence Office

NMS national military strategy

NMSA North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Mutual

Support Act

NMSC Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Center

NMS-CO National Military Strategy for Cyberspace Operations

NMS-CWMD National Military Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass


NMSP-WOT National Military Strategic Plan for the War on Terrorism

NMT national mission team

NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE)

NNWC Naval Network Warfare Command

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (DOC)

NOACT Navy overseas air cargo terminal

NOC National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Operation

Center; National Operations Center (DHS); network

operations center

NOE nap-of-the-Earth

NOFORN not releasable to foreign nationals

NOK next of kin

NOLSC Naval Operational Logistics Support Center

NOMWC Navy Oceanographic Mine Warfare Center

non-CAAF contractors not authorized to accompany the force

NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command

NOSC network operations and security center

NOSSA Navy Ordnance Safety and Security Activity

NOTAM notice to airmen

NPF national planning framework

NPPD National Protection and Programs Directorate (DHS)

NPS National Park Service; nonprior service

NPT Nonproliferation Treaty

NRAT nuclear/radiological advisory team

NRC National Response Center (USCG); non-unit-related cargo

NRCHB Naval Reserve cargo-handling battalion

NRF National Response Framework

NRG notional requirements generator

NRO National Reconnaissance Office

NRP non-unit-related personnel

NRT near real time

NSA National Security Agency; national shipping authority;

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Standardization Agency

NSABB National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NIH)

NSA/CSS National Security Agency/Central Security Service

NSARC National Search and Rescue Committee

NSAT United States Northern Command situational awareness


NSAWC Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center

NSC National Security Council

NSC/DC National Security Council/Deputies Committee

NSC/IPC National Security Council/interagency policy committee

NSC/PC National Security Council/Principals Committee

NSCS National Security Council System

NSD National Security Directive; National Security Division (FBI)

NSDD national security decision directive

NSDM national security decision memorandum

NSE national support element; Navy support element

NS/EP national security and emergency preparedness

NSF national security forces; National Strike Force (USCG)

NSFS naval surface fire support

NSG National System for Geospatial Intelligence

NSHS National Strategy for Homeland Security

NSL no-strike list

NSMS National Strategy for Maritime Security

NSN national stock number

NSOC National Security Operations Center

NSP National Search and Rescue Plan

NSPA North Atlantic Treaty Organization Support and

Procurement Agency

NSPD national security Presidential directive

NSPI National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza

NSPM national security Presidential memorandum

NSS National Search and Rescue Supplement; national security

strategy; national security system

NSSE national special security event

NST National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency support team;

national support team

NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

NSTS National Secure Telephone System

NSW naval special warfare

NSWCDD Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division

NSWC IHEODTD Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Explosive

Ordnance Disposal Technology Division

NSWTF naval special warfare task force

NSWTG naval special warfare task group

NSWTU naval special warfare task unit

NTA nontraditional agent

NTACS Navy tactical air control system

NTIA National Telecommunications and Information

Administration (DOC)

NTRP Navy tactical reference publication

NTS noncombatant evacuation operation tracking system

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

NTTP Navy tactics, techniques, and procedures

NUC non-unit-related cargo

NUDET nuclear detonation

NUFEA Navy-unique fleet essential aircraft

NURP non-unit-related personnel

NVD night-vision device

NVDT National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency voluntary

deployment team

NVG night-vision goggle

NVOAD National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

NWDC Navy Warfare Development Command

NWP Navy warfare publication

NWS National Weather Service

NZ New Zealand


1MC general announcing system

1NCD 1st Naval Construction Division

O&I operations and intelligence

O&M operation and maintenance

OA objective area; operational area

OAE operational area evaluation


OAFME Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner

OAI oceanographic area of interest

OAM Office of Air and Marine (DHS)

OAP offset aimpoint

OAS offensive air support; Organization of American States

OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense

OASD(NII/CIO) Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks

and Information Integration/Chief Information Officer)

OASD(RA) Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)

OAU Organization of African Unity

O/B outboard

OB order of battle; overcome by

OBA Office of Biotechnology Activities (NIH); oxygen

breathing apparatus

OBFS offshore bulk fuel system

OBIM Office of Biometric Identity Management (DHS)

OBP object-based production

OCA offensive counterair; operational control authority

OCBD Office of Capacity Building and Development (USDA)

OCCA ocean cargo clearance authority

OCDETF Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force

OCHA Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

OCIE organizational clothing and individual equipment

OCJCS Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

OCO offensive cyberspace operations; offload control officer

OCONUS outside the continental United States

OCP operational capability package

OCS operational contract support

OCSIC operational contract support integration cell

OCU offload control unit

ODC Office of Defense Cooperation

ODCSLOG Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (USA)

ODNI Office of the Director of National Intelligence

OE operational environment

OE&AS organization for embarkation and assignment to shipping

OEBGD Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document

OEC Office of Emergency Communications (DHS)

OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


OEG operational experts group; operational exposure guidance;

operations security executive group

OEH occupational and environmental health

OER officer evaluation report

OES office of emergency services

OFAC Office of Foreign Assets Control (Treasury)

OFCO offensive counterintelligence operation

OFDA Office of United States Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID)

OHDACA Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid (DSCA)

OHDM Office of Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief, and

Mine Action

OI operating instruction; operational interest

OIA Office of Insular Affairs (DOI); Office of International

Affairs (Treasury)

OIC officer in charge

OICC officer in charge of construction


OIIL Office of Intelligence and Investigative Liaison (CBP)

OIR other intelligence requirements

OJT on-the-job training

OLEM Office of Land and Emergency Management (EPA)

OMA Office of Military Affairs (CIA and USAID)

OMB Office of Management and Budget

OMC office of military cooperation

OMSPH Office of Medicine, Science, and Public Health (DHHS)

ONDCP Office of National Drug Control Policy


ONI Office of Naval Intelligence

OOB order of battle

OODA observe, orient, decide, act

OOS out of service

OP observation post; ordnance publication

OPC Ocean Prediction Center (DOC)

OPCON operational control

OPDAT Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development,

Assistance, and Training (DOJ)

OPDEC operational deception

OPDS offshore petroleum discharge system (USN)

OPDS-Future offshore petroleum discharge system-future (USN)

OPDS-L offshore petroleum discharge system-legacy (USN)

OPE operational preparation of the environment

OPELINT operational electronic intelligence

OPEO Office of Preparedness and Emergency Operations (DHHS)

OPFOR opposing force; opposition force

OPG operations planning group

OPGEN operation general matter

OPIR overhead persistent infrared

OPLAN operation plan

OPLAW operational law

OPM Office of Personnel Management

OPMG Office of the Provost Marshal General

OPNAV Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

OPNAVINST Chief of Naval Operations instruction

OPORD operation order

OPP off-load preparation party; orderwire patch panel

OPR office of primary responsibility

OPREP operational report

OPROJ operational project

OPS operational project stock

OPSDEPS Service Operations Deputies

OPSEC operations security

OPSTK operational stock

OPT operational planning team

OPTAR operating target

OPTASK operational tasking (message); operation task

OPTASK AMPHIB operational tasking amphibious message

OPTASK COMM operational tasking communication (message) (USN)

OPTASKLINK operations task link

OPTEMPO operating tempo

OR operational readiness

ORBAT order of battle

ORD Office of Research and Development (EPA)

ORM operational risk management

ORP ocean reception point

ORS operationally responsive space

ORSA operations research and systems analysis

OS operating stocks; operating system

OSA operational support airlift

OSC offensive space control; on-scene commander; on-site

commander; Open Source Center (CIA)

OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSD/DMDPO Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Military

Deception Program Office

OSE operations support element

OSEI operational significant event imagery

OSINT open-source information; open-source intelligence

OSM Office of Spectrum Management (NTIA)

OSOCC on-site operations coordination center

OSR on-station report

OT&E operational test and evaluation

OTA Office of Technical Assistance (Treasury)

OTC officer in tactical command; over the counter

OTERA organize, train, equip, rebuild/build, and advise

OTH over the horizon

OTI Office of Transition Initiatives (USAID)

OUB offshore petroleum discharge system utility boat

OUSD Office of the Under Secretary of Defense

OUSD(A&S) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition

and Sustainment

OUSD(C) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

OUSD(C/CFO) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense

(Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer)

OUSD(I) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence)

OUSD(P) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy


OWS operational weather squadron


P publication

PA physician assistant; primary agency; probability of arrival;

public affairs

PACAF Pacific Air Forces

PAD patient administration director

PADD person authorized to direct disposition of human remains

PAG public affairs guidance

PALCON pallet container

PAM preventive and aerospace medicine

PaM passage material

PAO public affairs office; public affairs officer

PAR population at risk

PARS Personnel Accountability Reporting System

PAWS phased array warning system

PAX passengers; public affairs plans

PB peace building

PB4T planning board for training

PBA performance-based agreement; production base analysis

PBIED person-borne improvised explosive device

PBOS Planning Board for Ocean Shipping

PBR program and budget review

PC patrol craft; preliminary coordination; Principals


PC&S post, camp, and station

PCA Posse Comitatus Act

PCASS Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System

PCC police contributing country; policy coordination


PCO primary control officer; procuring contracting officer

PCOF Patient Condition Occurrence Frequency

PCRTS primary casualty receiving and treatment ship

PCS permanent change of station; primary control ship

PCTC pure car and truck carrier

PD position description; priority designator; probability of

damage; probability of detection; program directive

PDA preliminary damage assessment

PDAL prioritized defended asset list

PDC Pacific Disaster Center

PDD Presidential decision directive

PDF portable data file

PDSS predeployment site survey

PDT partnership development team

PDUSD(A&S) Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for

Acquisition and Sustainment

PDUSD(P&R) Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and


PE personal effects; preparation of the environment; program


PECC patient evacuation coordination cell

PED processing, exploitation, and dissemination

PEO peace enforcement operations; program executive office

PEP personnel exchange program

PERMA planning, embarkation, rehearsal, movement, and action

PERMREP permanent representative (NATO)

PERSCO personnel support for contingency operations

PFA primary federal agency

PFDB planning factors database

PFG Preferred Force Generation

PFO principal federal official

PfP Partnership for Peace (NATO)

PGI procedures, guidance, and information

PGM precision-guided munition

PHEO public health emergency officer

PHIBCB amphibious construction battalion

PHIBOP amphibious operation

PHIBRON amphibious squadron

PHIT port handling/in-land transportation

PI pandemic influenza; point of impact; purposeful


Pi probability of incapacitation

PI&ID pandemic influenza and infectious disease

PIAB President’s Intelligence Advisory Board

PIC payment in cash

PID plan identification number; positive identification

PII pre-incident indicators

PIO public information officer

PIR priority intelligence requirement

PIREP pilot report

PIRT purposeful interference response team

PISA post isolation support activity

PIT platform information technology

PIU patient isolation unit

PJ pararescue jumper

PK probability of kill

PKB purple kill box

PKO peacekeeping operations

PKSOI Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute

PL phase line

PLA post-launch abort

PLAD plain language address directory

PLANORD planning order

PLB personal locator beacon

PLS palletized load system

PLT platoon

PM Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (DOS); patient

movement; peacemaking; preventive medicine; program

management; program manager; provost marshal

PMA political/military assessment

PMC passenger, mail, and cargo; private military company

PMCF post maintenance check flight

PME professional military education

PMESII political, military, economic, social, information, and


PMGM program manager’s guidance memorandum

PMI patient movement item; prevention of mutual interference

PMI-ATS Patient Movement Items-Asset Tracking System

PMITS Patient Movement Item Tracking System

PMO production management office(r); program management


PMR patient movement request; patient movement requirement

PMRC patient movement requirements center

PN partner nation

PNA postal net alert

PNAF prime nuclear airlift force

PNT positioning, navigation, and timing

PO peace operations; petty officer

POA plan of action

POB persons on board

POC point of contact

POCD port operations cargo detachment

POD plan of the day; port of debarkation; probability of


POE port of embarkation; port of entry

POES polar operational environment satellite

POF priority of fires

POG port operations group; psychological operations group

POI person of interest; point of injury

POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants

POLAD policy advisor; political advisor

POLCAP bulk petroleum capabilities report

POLMIL political-military

POM program objective memorandum

PORTSIM port simulation model

POS point of sale; Point-of-Service; probability of success

POTUS President of the United States

POV privately owned vehicle

POW prisoner of war

POW/MIA prisoner of war/missing in action

PPAG proposed public affairs guidance

PPBE Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution

PPD Presidential policy directive

PPE personal protective equipment

PPF personnel processing file

PPLI precise participant location and identification

PPTO petroleum pipeline and terminal operating

PPW patient protective wrap

PR personnel recovery; Phoenix Raven; preliminary review;

production requirement; program review

PRA patient reception area; primary review authority

PRAP Personnel Reliability Assurance Program

PRC populace and resources control; Presidential Reserve Callup;

primary receiving center

PRCC personnel recovery coordination cell; personnel recovery

coordination center

PRCS personnel recovery coordination section

PRD personnel readiness division; Presidential review directive

PRDO personnel recovery duty officer

PREPO pre-positioned force, equipment, or supplies; prepositioning

PREREP pre-arrival report

PRF pulse repetition frequency

PRG personnel recovery guidance

Prime BEEF prime base engineer emergency force

PRISM Planning Tool for Resource, Integration, Synchronization,

and Management

PRM Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (DOS)

PRMS personnel recovery mission software

PRMx production requirements matrix

PROVORG providing organization

prowords procedure words

PRP Personnel Retrieval and Processing

PRRP personnel recovery reference product

PRT patient reception team; provincial reconstruction team

PRTF personnel recovery task force

PS port security

PSA port support activity; primary staff assistant; principal staff


PSC private security contractor

PSD port security detachment

PSI Proliferation Security Initiative

psi pounds per square inch

PSO peace support operations (NATO); post security officer

PSS personnel services support

PSS-SOF Precision Strike Suite-Special Operations Forces

P-STATIC precipitation static

PSU port security unit

PSYOP psychological operations (forces)

PTDO prepare to deploy order

PTL pointer-to-target line

PTM personnel transport module

PTTI precise time and time interval

Pu-239 plutonium-239

Pu-240 plutonium-240

PV prime vendor

PVNTMED preventive medicine

PVT positioning, velocity, and timing

PWCS port, waterways, and coastal security

PWG protection working group

PWRM pre-positioned war reserve materiel

PWRR pre-positioned war reserve requirements

PWRS petroleum war reserve stocks; pre-positioned war reserve


PWT precision weapons team


QA quality assurance

QAR quality assurance representative

QAT quality assurance team

QC quality control

QDR quadrennial defense review

QHDA qualified hazardous duty area

QIP quick impact project

QM quartermaster

QOL quality of life

QRF quick reaction force; quick response force

QRP quick response posture

QS quality surveillance

QSTAG quadripartite standardization agreement

QUADCON quadruple container


R&D research and development

R&R rest and recuperation

R&S reconstruction and stabilization

R2P2 rapid response planning process

RA response action; risk analysis

RAC-OT readiness assessment system – output tool

RAD routine aerial distribution

RADBN radio battalion

RADC regional air defense commander

RADCON radiological control team

RAF Royal Air Force (UK)

RAM raised angle marker; random antiterrorism measure;

rockets, artillery, and mortars

RAMCC regional air movement control center

RAP Radiological Assistance Program (DOE)

RAS-OT readiness assessment system-output tool

RATE refine, adapt, terminate, execute

RBA reimbursable budget authority

RBC red blood cell

RC Reserve Component; resident coordinator (UN)

RCA riot control agent

RCAT Rapid Course of Action Analysis Tool

RCC regional contracting center; rescue coordination center

RCD regional collection detachment

RCEM regional contingency engineering management

RCIED radio-controlled improvised explosive device

RCM Rules for Courts-Martial

RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCO regional contracting office

RCP regional campaign plan

RCT regimental combat team; rescue coordination team (USN)

RDCFP Regional Defense Counterterrorism Fellowship Program

RDCTFP Regional Defense Combating Terrorism Fellowship


RDD radiological dispersal device; required delivery date

RDO request for deployment order

RDT&E research, development, test, and evaluation

REA Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment

REAC/TS radiation emergency assistance center/training site (DOE)

RED radiological exposure device

RED HORSE rapid engineer deployable heavy operational repair

squadron engineer

REF Rapid Equipping Force (USA)

REPOL bulk petroleum contingency report

REPUNIT reporting unit

RES radiation exposure status

RESCAP rescue combat air patrol

RESCORT rescue escort

RESPROD responsible production

RF radio frequency; reserve force

RFA request for assistance; restrictive fire area

RFC request for capabilities; revision final coordination

RF CM radio frequency countermeasures

RFD revision first draft

RFF request for feedback; request for forces

RFI radio frequency interference; request for information

RFID radio frequency identification

RFL restrictive fire line

RFP request for proposal

RFS request for service; request for sourcing; request for


RGS remote geospatial intelligence services

Rh Rhesus

Rh(D) Rhesus (D antigen)

RHIB rigid hull inflatable boat

RICO regional interface control officer

RIK replacement in kind

RLT regimental landing team

RM ramp module; records management; recovery

mechanism; resource; management; risk management

RMC rescue mission commander

RMP religious ministry professional

RMT response management team

RNIFC Regional Narcotics Interagency Fusion Cell


ROC rehearsal of concept

ROE rules of engagement

ROICC resident officer in charge of construction

ROK Republic of Korea

ROM restriction of movement; rough order of magnitude

ROMO range of military operations

RON remain overnight

RO/RO roll-on/roll-off

ROS reduced operating status

ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps

ROWPU reverse osmosis water purification unit

ROZ restricted operations zone

RP red phosphorus; religious program specialist; retained


RPG rocket-propelled grenade

RPM revolutions per minute

RPO rendezvous and proximity operations

RPOE rapid port opening element

RQT rapid query tool

RR reattack recommendation

RRCC regional response coordination center

RRDF roll-on/roll-off discharge facility

RRF rapid response force; Ready Reserve Force

RRS remote replication system

RS religious support

RSC regional service center; rescue sub-center

RSE retrograde support element

RSF recovery support function

RSI rationalization, standardization, and interoperability

RSN role specialist nation

RSO reception, staging, and onward movement; regional

security officer; remote split operations

RSOF routing and safety of flight

RSOI reception, staging, onward movement, and integration

RSS really simple syndication

RSSC regional space support center

RSSC-LO regional space support center liaison officer

RST religious support team

RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition

RT recovery team; rough terrain

RTB return to base

RTCC rough terrain container crane

RTCH rough terrain container handler

RTD returned to duty

RTF return to force

RTL restricted target list

RTSO real-time spectrum operations

RUF rules for the use of force

RV rendezvous

RW rotary-wing

RWR radar warning receiver


618 AOC (TACC) 618th Air Operations Center (Tanker Airlift Control


S&R search and recovery

S&T science and technology; scientific and technical

S&TI scientific and technical intelligence

S-1 battalion or brigade manpower and personnel staff

officer; personnel officer/personnel office (USMC)

S-2 battalion or brigade intelligence staff officer (USA);

intelligence officer/intelligence office (USMC)

S-3 battalion or brigade operations staff officer (USA);

operations and training officer/operations and training

office (USMC)

SA security assistance; situational awareness; staging area

SAA senior airfield authority

SAAFR standard use Army aircraft flight route

SAAM special assignment airlift mission

SAC special actions cell; Strategic Airlift Capability; supporting

arms coordinator

SACC supporting arms coordination center

SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (NATO)

SACT Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

SADC sector air defense commander

SADL situation awareness data link

SADO senior air defense officer

SAFE secure analyst file environment; selected area for evasion;

sexual assault forensic examination

SAG surface action group

SALM single-anchor leg mooring

SALT supporting arms liaison team

SAM surface-to-air missile

SAO security assistance office; security assistance officer

SAP special access program

SAPO subarea petroleum office

SAPR sexual assault prevention and response

SAR satellite access request; search and rescue; special access

requirement; suspicious activity report; synthetic

aperture radar

SARC sexual assault response coordinator

SARDOT search and rescue point

SARIR search and rescue incident report

SAROPS Search and Rescue Optimal Planning System

SARREQ search and rescue request

SARSAT search and rescue satellite-aided tracking

SARSIT search and rescue situation summary report

SATCOM satellite communications

SAWG strategic assessment working group

SBACP Southern Border and Approaches Campaign Plan (DHS)

SBCT Stryker brigade combat team

SBU sensitive but unclassified

SC security cooperation

SCA sociocultural analysis; space coordinating authority;

support to civil administration

SCAR strike coordination and reconnaissance

SCC Service component command; service cryptologic

component; Service cyberspace component; shipping

coordination center

SCC-WMD United States Strategic Command Center for Combating

Weapons of Mass Destruction

SCF(US) Save the Children Federation (United States)

SCG Security Cooperation Guidance

SCHBT shape, clear, hold, build, and transition

SCI sensitive compartmented information

SCIF sensitive compartmented information facility

SCL standard conventional load

SCM security countermeasure; Service container manager

SCO secondary control officer; security cooperation

organization; senior contracting official; state

coordinating officer

SCP security cooperation plan; service control point

SCRM supply chain risk management

S/CRS Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and

Stabilization (DOS)

SCT shipping coordination team

S/CT Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism (DOS)

SD severe damage; strategy division

SDA senior development advisor

SDB Satellite Communications Database; small diameter bomb

SDDC Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

SDDCTEA Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

Transportation Engineering Agency

SDF self defense force

SDO senior defense official; ship’s debarkation officer

SDOB Secretary of Defense Orders Book

SDO/DATT senior defense official/defense attaché

SDP strategic distribution plan

SDP&M sustainment distribution planning and management

SDZ self-defense zone

SE site exploitation; spherical error

SEA ships’ bunkers easy acquisition; Southeast Asia

Seabee Navy construction engineer

SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses

SEC submarine element coordinator

SECAF Secretary of the Air Force

SECARMY Secretary of the Army

SecDef Secretary of Defense

SECDHS Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

SECHS Secretary of Homeland Security

SECNAV Secretary of the Navy

SECNAVINST Secretary of the Navy instruction

SECOMP secure en route communications package

SECSTATE Secretary of State

SECTRANS Secretary of Transportation

SEF sealift enhancement feature

SEL senior enlisted leader

SELEC Southeast European Law Enforcement Center

SEMA special electronic mission aircraft

SEPLO state emergency preparedness liaison officer

SERE survival, evasion, resistance, and escape

SES senior executive service

SEW shared early warning

SEWOC signals intelligence/electronic warfare operations centre


SF special forces; standard form

SFA security force assistance

SFAF standard frequency action format

SFAT spectrum flyaway team

SFC single-fuel concept

SFCP shore fire control party

SFG special forces group

SFMS special forces medical sergeant

SFODB Special Forces Operational Detachment-Bravo

SFOR Stabilization Force

SG steering group; surgeon general

SGS strategic guidance statement

SGXM Headquarters, Air Mobility Command/Surgeon

SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe

SHF super-high frequency

SHORAD short-range air defense

SHORADEZ short-range air defense engagement zone

SI United States Strategic Command strategic instruction

SIC supporting intelligence center

SICO sector interface control officer

SIDO senior intelligence duty officer

SIF selective identification feature

SIGCON signature control

SIGINT signals intelligence

SIM system impact message

SIMLM single integrated medical logistics manager

SINCGARS single-channel ground and airborne radio system

SIO senior intelligence officer

SIOC Strategic Information and Operations Center (FBI)

SIPRNET SECRET Internet Protocol Router Network

SIR specific information requirement; Strategic Military

Intelligence Review

SITREP situation report

SIV special interest vessel

SJA staff judge advocate

SJFHQ(CE) standing joint force headquarters (core element)

SJFHQ-E standing joint force headquarters – elimination

SJOA space joint operating area

SJS Secretary, Joint Staff

SLA special leave accrual

SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile

SLCM sea-launched cruise missile

SLCP ship lighterage control point; ship’s loading characteristics


SLO space liaison officer

SLOC sea line of communications

SLRP survey, liaison, and reconnaissance party

SLS shoot-look-shoot

SLWT side loadable warping tug

SM spectrum management; standard missile

SMB spectrum management branch

SMC search and rescue mission coordinator

SMCA single manager for conventional ammunition

SMCM surface mine countermeasures

SME subject matter expert

SMO senior meteorological and oceanographic officer; strategic

mobility office(r)

SMRC Specialized Medical Response Capabilities

SMS Single Mobility System

SMU special mission unit

SMWDC Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center

SN serial number

SNA social network analysis

SNCO staff noncommissioned officer

SNF strategic nuclear forces

SOA special operations aviation (USA); sustained operations


SOAGS special operations air-ground system

SO-ATP special operations-advanced tactical practitioner

SOC special operations commander

SOCCE special operations command and control element

SOCCET special operations critical care evacuation team

SOC-FWD special operations command-forward

SOCM special operations combat medic

SOCNORTH United States Special Operations Command, North

SOCPAC Special Operations Command Pacific

SOD special operations division

SOE special operations executive

SOF special operations forces

SOFA status-of-forces agreement

SOF-CF special operations forces-conventional forces

SOFLE special operations forces liaison element

SOG special operations group

SOI signal operating instructions

SOIC senior officer of the intelligence community

SOJTF special operations joint task force

SOLE special operations liaison element

SOLO special operations liaison officer

SOM structured observation management

SOMA status-of-mission agreement

SOMARDS Standard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and

Development System

SOMARDS NT Standard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and

Development System Non-Technical

SOP standard operating procedure

SORTIEALOT sortie allotment message

SORTS Status of Resources and Training System

SOSB special operations support battalion

SOSI space object surveillance and identification

SOST special operations support team

SOTA signals intelligence operational tasking authority

SOTF special operations task force

SOW standoff weapon; statement of work

SP security police

SPD space policy directive

SPE senior procurement executive

SPECAT special category

SPG Strategic Planning Guidance

SPI sensor point of interest; special investigative (USAF)

SPINS special instructions

SPM service postal manager; single port manager

SPMAGTF special purpose Marine air-ground task force

SPOD seaport of debarkation

SPOE seaport of embarkation

SPOT Synchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker

SPOTREP spot report

SPP Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America; State

Partnership Program

SR special reconnaissance

SRBM short-range ballistic missile

SRG Seabee readiness group

SRM sustainment, restoration, and modernization

SROE standing rules of engagement

SRR search and rescue region

SRSG special representative of the Secretary-General

SRUF standing rules for the use of force

SS steamship

SSA security sector assistance; software support activity; space

situational awareness; special support activity (NSA);

supply support activity

SSB single side band

SSBN ballistic missile submarine (nuclear-powered)

SSC small scale contingency; special security center

SSCO shipper’s service control office

SSE space support element

SSI standing signal instruction

SSM surface-to-surface missile

SSN Social Security number

SSO special security office(r)

SSPM single-service postal manager

SSR security sector reform

SSS Selective Service System

SST special support team (National Security Agency)

SSTR stability, security, transition, and reconstruction

SSWG space support working group

ST short ton; strike team

STANAG standardization agreement (NATO)

STAR sensitive target approval and review

STARS Standard Accounting and Reporting System

START Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

S-Team staff augmentation team

STEP standardized tactical entry point

STO special technical operations

STON short ton

STS special tactics squadron

STT special tactics team

STU secure telephone unit

STW strike warfare

STWC strike warfare commander

SUBOPAUTH submarine operating authority

SUC situation update code

SUPP supplement

SUPPO supply officer

SUROBS surf observation

SUST BDE sustainment brigade

SUW surface warfare

SUWC surface warfare commander

SVC stored value card

SW shallow water

SWO staff weather officer

SWPC Space Weather Prediction Center



SYG Secretary-General (UN)

SYSCOM systems command

SZ surf zone


2-D two-dimensional

2E Role 2 enhanced

2LM Role 2 light maneuver

2X counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element

3-D three-dimensional

T&E test and evaluation

T2 technology transfer

TA target acquisition; target audience; technical arrangement;

theater Army

TAA tactical assembly area; target audience analysis

TAACOM theater Army area command

TAAMDCOORD theater Army air and missile defense coordinator

TAC terminal attack control

TAC(A) tactical air coordinator (airborne)

TACAIR tactical air

TACAN tactical air navigation

TACC tanker airlift control center

TAC-D tactical deception

TACLOG tactical-logistical

TACO theater allied contracting office

TACON tactical control

TACOPDAT tactical operational data

TACP tactical air control party

TACRON tactical air control squadron

T-ACS auxiliary crane ship

TACS tactical air control system; theater air control system

TACSAT tactical satellite

TACT tactical aviation control team

TAD tactical air direction; temporary additional duty (non-unitrelated

personnel); theater air defense

TADC tactical air direction center

TAF tactical air force

TAFT technical assistance field team

TAG technical assistance group; the adjutant general

TAGS theater air-ground system

T-AH hospital ship

TAI target area of interest

TAIS Tactical Airspace Integration System

T-AKR fast logistics ship

TAMP Transitional Assistance Management Program

TAO tactical air officer

TAOC tactical air operations center (USMC)

TAR tactical air request

TARWI target weather and intelligence

TASWC theater antisubmarine warfare commander

TAT tactical analysis team; technical assistance team

TATC tactical air traffic control

T-AVB aviation logistics support ship

TBC theater business clearance

TBM theater ballistic missile

TBMCS theater battle management core system

TBMD theater ballistic missile defense

TB MED technical bulletin medical

TB(X) transportation brigade (expeditionary)

TC training circular

TCA traditional combatant commander activity

TC-AIMS II Transportation Coordinator’s Automated Information for

Movement System II

TCC transportation component command; troop contributing


TCCC tactical combat casualty care

TCCET tactical critical care evacuation team

TCCT tactical critical care transport

TCEM theater contingency engineering management

TCF tactical combat force

TCM theater construction manager; theater container manager

TCMD transportation control and movement document

TCN third-country national; transportation control number

TCO termination contracting officer; transnational criminal


TCPED tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and


TCS theater communications system

TCSG United States Transportation Command, Office of the

Command Surgeon

TCSP theater consolidation and shipping point

TD temporary duty (USMC); theater distribution; tie down

TDC target development cell

TDCP theater distribution campaign plan

TDD time-definite delivery

TDF theater detention facility

TDL tactical data link

TDN tactical data network; target development nomination

TDP theater distribution plan

TDR transportation discrepancy report

TDRC theater detainee reporting center

TDY temporary duty

TEA Transportation Engineering Agency

TEC theater engineer command

TECHCON technical control

TECHELINT technical electronic intelligence

TECHINT technical intelligence

TEDAC Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (FBI)

TEL transporter-erector-launcher

TEMPER tent extendible modular personnel

TENCAP tactical exploitation of national capabilities program

TEO team embarkation officer

TEP theater engagement plan

TERCOM terrain contour matching

T-ESD expeditionary transfer dock

TET targeting effects team

TETK TeleEngineering Toolkit

TEU technical escort unit; twenty-foot equivalent unit

TEWLS Theater Enterprise Wide Logistics System

TF task force

TFC threat finance cell

TFCICA task force counterintelligence coordinating authority

TFE tactical field exchange; threat finance exploitation

TFF total force fitness

TFI threat finance intelligence

TFMS-M Transportation Financial Management System-Military

TG task group; technical guide

TGM terminally guided munitions

TGO terminal guidance operations

THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense

THOC theater head of contracting

THT tactical human intelligence team

THX theater express

TI threat identification

TIA theater intelligence assessment

TIB theater intelligence brigade; toxic industrial biological

TIC target information center; toxic industrial chemical

TIDE Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment

TIM toxic industrial material

TIO target intelligence officer

TIP target intelligence package; trafficking in persons

TIR toxic industrial radiological

TJAG the judge advocate general

T-JTB theater-joint transportation board

TLA theater logistics analysis

TLAM Tomahawk land-attack missile

TLAMM theater lead agent for medical materiel

TLE target location error

TLM target list management; topographic line map

TLO theater logistics overview

TM target materials; technical manual

TMAO theater mortuary affairs office; theater mortuary affairs


TMD theater missile defense

TMEP theater mortuary evacuation point

TMIP theater medical information program

TMM transregional, multi-domain, and multifunctional

TMO target mensuration only; traffic management office;

transportation management office

T/M/S type, model, and/or series

TMT time-phased force and deployment data management tool

TNCC theater network operations control center

TNL target nomination list

TO technical order; theater of operations

TO&E table of organization and equipment

TOA table of allowance; transfer of authority

TOC tactical operations center; transnational organized crime

TOD tactical ocean data

TOI track of interest

TOPINT technical operational intelligence

TOR term of reference

TOS time on station

TOT time on target

TP transportation priority

TPE theater provided equipment

TPED tasking, processing, exploitation, and dissemination;

theater personal effects depot

TPFDD time-phased force and deployment data

TPFDL time-phased force and deployment list

TPMRC United States Transportation Command patient movement

requirements center

TPP theater posture plan

TPS transportation protective service

TPT tactical petroleum terminal

TQ tactical questioning

TRA technical review authority

TRAC2ES United States Transportation Command Regulating and

Command and Control Evacuation System

TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

Trans BDE transportation brigade

Trans Det RPO transportation detachment rapid port opening

TRANSEC transmission security

TRAP tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel (USMC); tactical

related applications

TRIADS Tri-Wall Aerial Distribution System

TRICON triple container

TRO training and readiness oversight

TROPO tropospheric scatter

TRP target reference point

TS time-sensitive; top secret

TSA target system analysis; Transportation Security

Administration (DHS)

TSC theater security cooperation; theater support command;

theater sustainment command (USA)

TSCIF temporary sensitive compartmented information facility

TSCM technical surveillance countermeasures

TSCP theater security cooperation plan

TSM target sorting message

TSOC tactical special operations command; theater special

operations command

TSS target sensing system

TSSA transitional security sector assistance

TST terminal support team; time-sensitive target

TSWA temporary secure working area

TT&C telemetry, tracking, and commanding

TTAB Technical Training Acceptance Board

TTAN transportation tracking account number

TTD tactical terrain data

TTL tagging, tracking, and locating

TTN transportation tracking number

TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures; trailer transfer point

TTT time to target

TTU transportation terminal unit

TU targeted update; task unit

TUCHA type unit characteristics file

TV television

TW&A threat warning and assessment

TWCF Transportation Working Capital Fund

TWDS tactical water distribution system

TYCOM type commander


U-233 uranium-233

U-235 uranium-235

UA unmanned aircraft

UAR unconventional assisted recovery

UARCC unconventional assisted recovery coordination cell

UAS unmanned aircraft system

UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice

UCP Unified Command Plan

UCT underwater construction team

UDL unit deployment list

UEWR upgraded early warning radar

UFAC Underground Facilities Analysis Center

UFC Unified Facilities Criteria

UFO ultrahigh frequency follow-on

UGA ungoverned area

UGIRH Urban Generic Information Requirements Handbook

UGO unified geospatial-intelligence operations

UH utility helicopter

UHF ultrahigh frequency

UIC unit identification code

UJT universal joint task

UJTL Universal Joint Task List

UK United Kingdom

ULN unit line number

ULSD ultra-low sulfur diesel

UMCC unit movement control center

UMCM underwater mine countermeasures

UMD unit movement data

UMMIPS Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System

UMO unit movement officer

UMS unmanned system

UN United Nations

UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

UN CMCoord United Nations humanitarian civil-military coordination

UNCT United Nations country team

UND urgency of need designator

UNDAC United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination

UNDFS United Nations Department of Field Support

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNDPKO United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations

UNEP United Nations Environment Programme

UNHAS United Nations Humanitarian Air Service

UNHCHR United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHQ United Nations Headquarters

UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund

UNITAF unified task force

UNMEM United Nations military expert on mission

UNO unit number

UNOCHA United Nations Office for the Coordination of

Humanitarian Affairs

UNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

UNOSOM United Nations Operations in Somalia

UNPA United Nations Participation Act

UNPROFOR United Nations protection force

UNSC United Nations Security Council

UNSCR United Nations Security Council resolution

UNSG United Nations Secretary-General

UON urgent operational need

URL uniform resource locater

URN unit reference number

US&R urban search and rescue

USA United States Army

USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers

USACFSC United States Army Community and Family Support


USACHPPM United States Army Center for Health Promotion and

Preventive Medicine

USACIDC United States Army Criminal Investigation Command

USAEDS United States Atomic Energy Detection System

USAF United States Air Force

USAFE United States Air Forces in Europe

USAFR United States Air Force Reserve

USAFRICOM United States Africa Command

USAFSOS United States Air Force Special Operations School

USAID United States Agency for International Development

USAMC United States Army Materiel Command

USAMMA United States Army Medical Materiel Agency

USAMRICD United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical


USAMRIID United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious


USAMRMC United States Army Medical Research and Materiel


USANCA United States Army Nuclear and Countering Weapons of

Mass Destruction Agency

USAPHC United States Army Public Health Center

USAR United States Army Reserve

USARCENT United States Army, Central Command

USARDECOM United States Army Research, Development, and

Engineering Command

USAREUR United States Army, European Command

USARNORTH United States Army, North

USARPAC United States Army, Pacific Command

USARSO United States Army, Southern Command

USASMDC/ARSTRAT United States Army Space and Missile Defense

Command/Army Forces Strategic Command

USASOC United States Army Special Operations Command

US BICES United States Battlefield Information Collection and

Exploitation System

US BICES-X United States Battlefield Information Collection and

Exploitation System Extended

USC United States Code; universal service contract

USCENTCOM United States Central Command

USCG United States Coast Guard

USCGR United States Coast Guard Reserve

USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

USCS United States Cryptologic System

USCYBERCOM United States Cyber Command

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

USD(A&S) Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and


USDAO United States defense attaché office

USD(C) Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

USD(I) Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

USD(P) Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

USD(P&R) Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness

USELEMNORAD United States Element, North American Aerospace

Defense Command

USERID user identification

USERRA Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment

Rights Act

USEUCOM United States European Command

USFF United States Fleet Forces Command

USFK United States Forces, Korea

USG Under-Secretary-General; United States Government

USGS United States Geological Survey

USINDOPACOM United States Indo-Pacific Command

USIP United States Institute of Peace

USLO United States liaison office

USMC United States Marine Corps

USMCR United States Marine Corps Reserve

USMILGP United States military group

USML United States Munitions List

USMOG United States Military Observer Group

USMOG-W United States Military Observer Group – Washington

USMS United States Marshals Service

USMTF United States message text format

USN United States Navy

USNAVSO US Naval Forces Southern Command

USNMR United States national military representative

USNO United States Naval Observatory

USNORTHCOM United States Northern Command

USNR United States Navy Reserve

USNS United States Naval Ship

USPHS United States Public Health Service (DHHS)

USPS United States Postal Service

USSF United States Space Force

USSOCOM United States Special Operations Command

USSOUTHCOM United States Southern Command

USSPACECOM United States Space Command

USSS United States Secret Service (DHS)

USSTRATCOM United States Strategic Command

USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command

USUN United States Mission to the United Nations

USW undersea warfare

UTC Coordinated Universal Time; unit type code

UTM universal transverse mercator

UTO unit table of organization

UUV unmanned underwater vehicle; unmanned underwater vessel

UW unconventional warfare

UXO unexploded explosive ordnance; unexploded ordnance


VA Department of Veterans Affairs; victim advocate

VAAP vulnerability assessment and assistance program

VBIED vehicle-borne improvised explosive device

VBSS visit, board, search, and seizure

VCJCS Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

VDL video downlink

VE vertical error; violent extremism

VEE Venezuelan equine encephalitis

VEO violent extremist organization

VFR visual flight rules

VFS validating flight surgeon

VHF very high frequency

VI visual information

VID visual identification

VIP very important person

VIPPSA very important personnel protection support activity

VIRIN visual information record identification number

VIRS verbally initiated release system

VISA Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement

VISION ID visual information professional identifier

VLF very low frequency

VMap vector map

VMAQ Marine tactical electronic warfare squadron

VMD volume median diameter

VMF variable message format

VMI vendor managed inventory

VOD vertical onboard delivery

VPV virtual prime vendor

VSW very shallow water

VTA voluntary tanker agreement

VTC video teleconferencing

VTOL vertical takeoff and landing

VTOL-UAS vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aircraft system


WADS Western Air Defense Sector

WAI weather area of interest

WAN wide-area network

WANGO World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations

WARMs wartime reserve modes

WARNORD warning order

WARP web-based access and retrieval portal

WAS wide area surveillance

WASP war air service program

WB wideband

WBGTI wet bulb globe temperature index

WBIED waterborne improvised explosive device

WCE weapons of mass destruction coordination element

WCO World Customs Organization

WCS weapons control status

WDCO well deck control officer

Web SM Web Scheduling and Movement

WEBVLIPS Web Visual Logistics Information Processing System

WETM weather team

WEU Western European Union

WEZ weapon engagement zone

WFP World Food Programme (UN)

WG working group

WGS Wideband Global Satellite Communications

WGS 84 World Geodetic System 1984

WHNS wartime host-nation support

WHO World Health Organization (UN)

WIA wounded in action

WIF Wales Initiative Fund

WIT weapons intelligence team

WLG Washington Liaison Group

WMD weapons of mass destruction

WMD-CST weapons of mass destruction-civil support team

WMO World Meteorological Organization

WMP Air Force War and Mobilization Plan

WOC wing operations center (USAF)

WOD wind-over deck

WOT war on terrorism

WP white phosphorous; working party

WPB Coast Guard patrol boat

WPR War Powers Resolution

WRA Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (DOS);

weapons release authority

WRAIR Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

WRM war reserve materiel

WRS war reserve stock

WRSA war reserve stocks for allies

WS weather squadron

WSESRB Weapon System Explosive Safety Review Board

WSM waterspace management

WSR weapon system reliability

WSV weapons system video

WT warping tug

WTI weapons technical intelligence

WWII World War II

WWX worldwide express

WX weather


XCDS extracted container delivery system

XCVR transceiver

XMPP extensible messaging and presence protocol

XO executive officer


YR year


ZF zone of fire

ZULU time zone indicator for Universal Time