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Digestible news updates from the OSINT community.

A collection of news and roundups with the latest updates on the Russian invasion Ukraine in a consolidated format. Aiming for daily roundups with the eventual goal of 4x a day. Please note, this is distinct from breaking news updates, which will be available on the homepage.

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ISW Map 06 MAR 2022

Russian forces spent the past 24 hours largely regrouping and preparing to renew offensive operations around Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mykolayiv. Read the latest update from The Institute for the Study of War here.


Aggregated by Russian Campaign Update. The Russians are continuing their attacks against Ukraine. The effort in the north is somewhat stalled while gains are being made by the Russians in the south. The Russians don’t appear to have an operational plan where the different columns are in a supporting posture – it seems more of […]

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